Superbook: Biblically-based Entertainment You Can Feel Good About. 

All Superbook images are courtesy of The Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc. and used with permission. All opinions are my own and based on our family’s personal experience with Superbook. This is not a sponsored post.

As you could tell from my post on Bible resources I shared awhile back, I’m always on the lookout for ways to incorporate more of God’s Word and the stories of His People into our day.

I stumbled upon Superbook on Amazon Prime one day after searching for Bible stories. I saved it in my Watch Next list, but I kept putting off watching it because I’ve just never been super impressed with the faith-based entertainment I’ve seen available for children. There were either major quality issues with the animation or huge discrepancies within the Bible story itself that always turned me off of other popular series.

Then, I heard a blogger mention that she used Superbook for her son’s Bible curriculum. The next day, I decided to give it a try and watched the first episode “In the Beginning” with the kids.

ep101_in the beginning

From episode 1 “In the Beginning”

I was blown away. The animation was top quality (reminds me a bit of “Ready Jet Go” in animation style). The format of the show is very engaging, intriguing, and allows for great discussions as you watch with your children. It’s also quite funny and the writers seem to know how to inject each episode with appropriate amounts of humor to lighten any of the heavier storylines.

The show revolves around two friends, Chris and Joy, and their robotic pal Gizmo. Any time a problem arises, Superbook (a digitized version of the Bible) appears and transports them into a Bible story related to what they’re going through in real life.

I should mention here that this show has existed since the 80’s but the animation was quite different. It continues to be used today to spread the Word of God to children and their parents in countries all around the world, but they’ve updated the look of the animation.


Gizmo, Chris, and Joy

After we finished, “In the Beginning”, we immediately watched “The Test” (Abraham and Isaac) and “Jacob and Esau”. We honestly could’ve kept watching more episodes because all three of us loved it so much, but I decided to start pacing them to tie in with the Bible stories we are reading at night with Ryan.

For instance, after reading about Moses, I showed them the episodes “Let My People Go” and “The Ten Commandments”.

Having a visual retelling of a story they’ve just heard has really helped them retain the stories and remember the life lesson we can learn from each of the Bible heroes.

It has also allowed for deeper discussion of the details of each story. Many times, Chris and Joy explain the parallels of what they’re going through in real life with those happening in the Bible around them so that the kids can better understand what they’re watching. These explanations help you as the parent know how to better explain what’s happening to your children as well.

Another thing I love about this show, is that they’re not afraid to include details not typically found in other children’s Bible movies. For instance, in episode 1 “In the Beginning”, they included Lucifer being cast out of Heaven. This is an important detail to the overall message of the Gospel in my opinion, so I’m glad it was included in a way kids could understand.

ep108_the first christmas

from “The First Christmas”

ep109_ miracles of jesus

from the episode “Miracles of Jesus”

I also love that they don’t just include the typical Bible stories about Creation, Noah, Moses, etc. They also feature episodes highlighting lesser told Bible stories or accounts that might be hard for kids to understand like “Peter and Cornelius”, “Elijah and the Prophets of Baal” or “Revelation: The Final Battle” and make them really accessible for even toddlers and preschoolers to understand.

At the end of each episode, there’s a song called “The Salvation Poem” that plays over a video recap of that episode. The song presents the Gospel in a nutshell for kids. It’s very catchy and we find ourselves singing it around the house. Ok, I’m singing it and they tell me to stop, but whatever. We haven’t gotten to the episode about having patience with your tone-deaf mother yet (You can see the song in the middle box below).

dvd cover 2_page_1

Salvation Poem

**A brief word of caution to parents.** Many of the episodes of Superbook contain violence or stories that might be too scary for some children. That’s only because they want to give accurate accounts from the Bible. Nothing is graphic or encourages violence, but it may frighten some children. My children have been taught from an early age that some things on television are real and some are make-believe.

I always make sure that they know that Chris, Joy, and Gizmo weren’t in these real Biblical happenings, but that everything else that takes places really happened. I watch every episode with them so I can answer questions they have or gauge if something is too scary. I would highly recommend you do the same, even if you have older children. There are also parents’ guides available on Superbook’s website and a ton of information for commonly asked questions about God, Jesus, and many other aspects of Christianity on the Superbook app.

dvd cover 2_page_2

Parents’ Guide


We have access to the first season of Superbook through Amazon Prime, but we’ve loved it so much that we joined the Superbook DVD Club. We want to see the other episodes and to support this wonderful ministry that has been such a blessing to our family.

Essentially, you pay $25 dollars a month and get each new episode, plus two copies to share with friends or family, every time a new episode comes out. Currently, they are running a promotion called “Summer of Champions” where you get three additional episodes for signing up for the DVD Club. They include “Gideon”, “Esther: For Such a Time as This” and “Joseph and Pharaoh’s Dream”. You also receive free access to stream all three seasons of the show from three separate devices.

I look at it as I’m contributing to more episodes being made by my monthly donation, but I’m getting a ton in return—family-friendly entertainment we all enjoy watching, Bible curriculum for my kids, and quality resources to help me continue to build a foundation of faith for my children.

Visit Superbook’s website or Facebook page to find out more. Our family has been so blessed by this ministry and want everyone who’s interested to have access to it, so feel free to share this post with friends or family who may be interested. The DVD club would make an excellent gift subscription or would be great in a Sunday school setting as well.

I’ll make a separate Youtube video of the subscription once it arrives so that you can see what is included, but I cannot recommend this resource enough. It’s amazing!

Let me know in the comments below if you used to watch Superbook in the 80’s or enjoy it now.







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