Dear Lydia

dear lydia

Dear Lydia,

You’re just a little over two years old now, but you have the soul of an 80 year old woman. Ha ha. You’re wild about life and live every second to the fullest. You want to do everything Finn does or be like Mama, including wearing matching hairstyles and outfits. I hope you never outgrow that.

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Toy: Ariel doll, along with other babies. All of which must be wrapped up in blankets at all times.

Favorite Food: Cherry Tomatoes, you have “may-mays” with almost every meal.

Favorite Activities: Building pillow houses, climbing and jumping on the furniture, reading, pretending to write, dancing, playing outside

Here are a few other things we’ve noticed about you:


You love your brother SO much! 

You are each other’s favorite playmates, but you argue like an old married couple. You’re often wagging your finger at him and saying, “No, Shin!” (you’re still working on the ‘f’ sound)

You have a fabulous sense of style and are quite particular about what you wear. You love a good accessory like hats, headbands, bracelets, and scarves. Your favorite is a pock-pock (pocketbook) and you’re still obsessed with shoes.


Bringing back the 80’s 


Cheesin’ it at Easter. Notice the toe nails. 


The Rootin-est, Tootin-est cowgirl in all the land. 


Fox hat, check. Tutu, check. PJ top, check. Flower sandals, ready to go! 


Whenever you wear your sunglasses, you say you’re “soop-soop” cool (super cool). 

You’re very affectionate, always holding our hands while you sit on our laps. You often ask us to hold your feet too. You like to hold hands during naps, but if I’m not available to do so, you simply hold your own hand.


Holding your own hand 


You play well on your own and have a great imagination. 


You’re a little mama to Finn, always making sure he’s ok. Here you were inspecting his ear. 


You love to be silly, like wearing Dada’s shirt as a dress. 


OR designing an Indiana Jones themed wedding look. 


You’re very patient and go along with most anything we have planned. 


You are our little foodie, always wanting to try anything we’re eating. 


You love chocolate and will usually share with big brother. 


You still love to play tuck-tuck, but now you want to play on the big bed. 


You love it when Dada is silly with you and you love to be high up on his shoulders. 


You love to read just like brother and will often look at books by yourself. 


Barnes and Noble is one of your favorite hangouts. 


Other fun moments to remember:

  • Although you are super-girly and affectionate, you’re also tough as nails. One time, you were playing with a friend who’s twice your age at the Chick-fil-a playground. He picked up your purple socks, which you had thrown to the floor, and put them on. You chased him up the slide, pulled him down to you, removed the socks, and sauntered victoriously to the other side of the playground. Your friend thought it was funny, but I bet he won’t try that again.
  • You love to tell stories like your brother. Your first story was: “Once upon a time, a little deer came in Mama’s house and walked around. It ate Jazz (Mimi’s dog) and drank Jazz’s water. Then it said, “I love you.” The End.” A masterpiece!
  • If you can’t say the last syllable of a word, you simply double the first syllable. Our favorites are: tine-tine (tiny), Cap Cap Mer Mer (Captain America), bell-bell (belly).
  • You may become a nurse when you grow up. You always want me to put healing balm and a bandaid on any boo-boo you incur. And you tell us your bell-bell hurts and you need Digize (an oil for tummy issues).
  • You don’t miss anything in a conversation. Once, after Sunday school, we asked what you learned. You said you learned about Je-Je (Jesus). We asked what you learned about Him and you replied, “He ‘gives our sins.” (forgives) So, it seems you’d been paying close attention that morning.
  • You’re a great helper, often loading the dishwasher with me and helping me put groceries away.
  • You like to pretend to write and were writing a letter to me one day. You asked for help, so I said, “Well what do you want to write?” “‘Jus enny thang” (just anything) was your reply.

You are a sweet and helpful little girl.

You are the sunshine in our days! We are so thankful for you and your brother and glad that God chose us to be your parents. We can’t wait to see even more of your dynamic personality in the months to come. We love you to pieces!




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