Mini Review: Preschool Math at Home 

Math has never been a subject I’ve felt confident to teach, especially to a preschooler. When I stumbled across Kate Snow’s Preschool Math at Home and heard her explain how to build a strong foundation for math in the early years, I thought it sounded relatively easy and fun (my criteria for most of the activities that I attempt with my four year old).


There were only a handful of reviews of the book on Amazon, all positive, but I wanted to see more of the inside of the book to know if it was what I needed for my child. The only thing I could find on Youtube (which is where I go anytime I want to see a peek inside a curriculum) was Kate demonstrating a few of the finger games from the book. I tried a few of them with Finn while waiting at the doctor’s office one day. He loved them and it provided me a gauge of his current number sense and things to work on.

I’m pretty picky about the books I spend my money on, so I was a little nervous to purchase this book based on the limited info I had about it. However, it was just inexpensive enough on Amazon that I thought it was worth a shot.

It was $12 well spent! The introduction was super helpful to explain the why behind the how of each activity that she provides in the book. There’s also an appendix at the back with copy and print activities related to some of the games in the book. You can see my full review and a demonstration of two of the activities from Chapter 1 HERE.

If you’re pressed for time, here’s my review in a nutshell:

Ages: It’s recommended for 4-5 year olds which I found to be completely accurate. Just note that this book is for the parent to use to teach. There is no student version.

Activities: 59 activities total, all easy to set up with things from around the house. Easily a year’s worth of math curriculum for preschool.

Learning Method: You complete each activity to mastery before you move onto the next.

Formats: I purchased my book from Amazon, but the Well-Trained Mind Press also has it in PDF form. (There’s a link on our book list page if you want to purchase on Amazon).



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