It Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

This week we kept things simple because I knew I planned to do a lot outside. On Monday, we read An Egg is Quiet by Dianna Aston and Egg by Kevin Henkes. Then we did an easy math activity with some chicks and eggs (Video of this activity HERE).


Counting chicks.


Finishing the pattern.

Next, I took the kids to Lowe’s to pick up some potting soil and frost-hardy flowers. Finn chose some yellow pansies, Lydia chose purple, and I grabbed pink snapdragons for myself.

They love to pull things in the wagon, so I loaded it up with our pots of old dirt and let them pull it to the back end of the yard where we dump our old potting soil.

Then I got to observe the most interesting thing…

Finn started out pulling the wagon on his own.

Notice the car in his other hand. 


Again, a car never leaves that boy’s hand.

Then Lydia (who loves to be my helper) jumped in and they both pulled the handle. I said nothing during the whole process because I was curious to see if they’d figure out it didn’t work to share the handle.

Without me saying a word, Finn suggested, “Hey Lids, you pull and I’ll push.” They solved a problem…on their own.

Lydia likes to add some sparkle to her work in those boots.

I was so happy for them I could’ve done a cartwheel in the yard. They were able to figure it out for themselves!

After we dumped the old soil, we…


Studied some Roly-Polys that fell off the bottom of one pot.


And pondered what sort of animal could’ve built this structure in the backyard.

We planted all the new flowers and then went inside for lunch and long nap (Praise the Lord).

As the kids were napping, I thought to myself that in just two hours, we’d completed our physical activity for the day, a problem-solving activity spontaneously occurred, and we’d had some real world mini-lessons in Entomology, Zoology, and Botany. And all I had to do was take them outside.

Then I thought, “Why do I make this so hard sometimes?”

Learning isn’t dependent on cool manipulatives, fancy printables, or the perfect curriculum.

The only two things required for learning to happen are opportunity and a curious mind.

It doesn’t have to be hard at all.


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