Dear Lydia: 14-18 mos.

dear lydia

Dear Lydia,

It’s been quite some time since your last update…but you and your brother keep us quite busy as you’ll see below. We’re seeing more and more of your true personality grow each day and you are a little firecracker wrapped in cotton candy and lace. Here are a few things you’ve been up to since the last post.

Lydia 18 mos 1

Two things to note here. 1. As much as you love bunnies, you do not enjoy being one. 2. Your love of shoes began as early as 14 months.

Lydia 18 mos 2

You love books as much as your brother and were quite enthralled over the capybaras in this one.

Lydia 18 mos 3

You love hats. This was us right before your first picnic in the yard. Clearly, Mama is more excited than anyone.

Lydia 18 mos 4

You and Finn have a typical love/tolerate sibling relationship. Most of the time you want to do everything he’s doing.

Lydia 18 mos 5

You love water…in  a pool, in a bathtub, or a bowl.

Lydia 18 mos 6

You read at an eighth grade level…just kidding. You just think you do. Catching up on some Elisabeth Elliot here.

Lydia 18 mos 7

Although you don’t sleep often, your favorite game is called “Night, Night” (which you created) where we have to “tuck, tuck” you over and over and pretend to say goodnight. Finn is joining in here.

Lydia 18 mos 8

Again, anything brother does is cool in your book.

Lydia 18 mos 9

Hair bows don’t happen often, but when they do, you are killin’ them.

Lydia 18 months 10

Climbed your first mountain (with only a little help).

Lydia 18 mos 11

Playing with the bunnies at the library garden.

Lydia 18 mos 12

We actually have to hide all your shoes and boots or you will pester us all day long to put them on and take them off. You’re obsessed.

Lydia 18 months 13

You’re a fun loving gal. Quick with a mischievous smile or laugh.

Lydia 18 mos 14

You’re a kissy girl! Probably because we are always kissing those sweet, squishy cheeks of yours. Despite his look here, Finn usually reciprocates all your sweet kisses.

Lydia 18 mos 15

I have so many pictures of you sleeping even though it’s actually quite rare for you. There’s just too many cool things that you’re afraid you’ll miss if you close your eyes.

Lydia 18 months 16

Dressed up as cows for free Chick-fil-a. You went with a sleepy, confused cow here. Very original.

Lydia 18 mos 17

My sleeping ballerina. You really do love to dance. Any time music is on, you’re prancing around the room doing your version of the pony. You also nod your head along with songs in the car.

Lydia 18 mos 18

Saying prayers before bed with Finn.

Lydia 18 mos 19

Toddler ponytail…need I say more?

Other favorite moments:

  • You’re very particular about how you do things. For instance, we ate a banana one time on the couch, so now every time you want a banana, you point to the living room and say “na-na” like that’s the only place we can eat them. You also want to sit in certain chairs for meals…anywhere but your high chair.
  • Your favorite song is “Eye of the Tiger” because you like to punch your fist through the intro on all the right beats. Just like Mama taught you. While waiting on the ferry at the beach, you had just fallen asleep when the song came on and no joke, you punched in your sleep.
  • One time you fell and hurt your hand. You immediately stood up, walked over to me, and commanded “kiss it” while holding your hand up.
  • Finn grabbed a toy from you recently, to which you replied without missing a beat “take!” and pointed a chubby little tattle-telling finger at him.
  • You love playing hide-and-seek, whether you’re hiding from Finn with Mama (you get such a thrill to be behind something with your finger on your mouth saying “shh, shh” to me) or you and Finn are searching for Mama together.
  • Much like Mama, you enjoy surprises and being scared. Oftentimes if someone comes into a room unexpectedly or a loud noise happens near you, you jump but then immediately break into a huge grin.
  • Your favorite games are feeding your baby dolls, rocking your baby dolls, and making train noises while you play with the wooden train set.
  • You love to be rough and tumble, practicing flips with Mama and trust falls. You can say it too, but it comes out like “shush shall”.
  • Your favorite food is sausage that you share with Dad on weekend mornings (or “Shaw-shage”) and “Choc-Choc” (chocolate) that you have to yourself.

We look forward as always to watching you grow and develop more in the months to come. You’re a fun little torpedo and you and your brother inject so much fun and energy into everything you do.

Love you forever,



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