Dear Lydia: 10 & 11 months

Dear Lydia,

In just a couple weeks, you will a be a one year old. How did this happen?! And can you please make it stop. Just kidding. We’ve loved watching you grow and learn the past couple months. You have an exuberant, fun-loving personality just like your brother. You’ve been walking well since you turned 11 months. You still only say “mama” and “dada” occasionally, but you are working on building your vocabulary. Here are a few other things you’ve been up to lately:

Lydia 10 months 11

You love to do whatever mama is doing. Sweeping, folding clothes, or wiping off the table and mimic me frequently. We got you your very own little broom so you can help mama with her chores. 

Lydia 10 months 7

You are all about your tongue. Blowing bubbles, sticking your tongue out, or rolling your food around on it. 

Lydia 10 months 8

You’ve got the cutest baby tush in all the world. 

Lydia 10 months 9

You love to play with Jack and Dada snapped this pic of you guys playing in the shadow. 

Lydia 10 months 6

You and Finn both love to “cook” while I’m making dinner. Woodstock makes a cameo here. 

Lydia 10 months 5

This is your “Grass is organic, right?” face. 

Lydia 10 months 2

You are super-friendly and will go to most anyone. Here you are with your friend, Savannah. 

Lydia 10 months 3

You’re favorite hangout in under this side table or under the kitchen table. 

Lydia 10 months 4

You love to be outside as much as Finn. Again, with the tongue. 

Lydia 10 months 10

You and Finn playing with “Balto”. 

Lydia 10 months 16

We call this your “surprised” face. You were very excited to receive Linus and Lucy dolls for Christmas. 

Lydia 10 months 15

You’ve finally become interested in books. Finn loves reading so I hope the two of you will have fond memories of reading with Mama. 

Lydia 10 months 14

You love to hear your voice in a cup. In this case, you borrowed Finn’s Golden Book one. 

Lydia 10 months 13

You have 5 teeth and are working on a 6th one. You chew on everything! 

Lydia 10 months 12

You don’t often do this, but when you sleep you look especially adorable. 

Lydia 10 months 1

This pic accurately demonstrates your sweet personality and zest for life. 

We love you so much, Lids! Looking forward to seeing what your next year brings.



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