Dear Lydia…

dear lydia

Dear Lydia,

It’s hard to believe that you’ll be here in only a month or so. We are so excited to finally meet you! Here’s what we know about you so far…you’re more relaxed than Finn. Your movements in my belly are a lot more gentle on Mama, like a little mermaid just twinkling around in there.

During your first ultrasound, you were quick to reveal you were a little lady (although I knew that all along). You didn’t want to leave your comfy balled-up position for them to check the rest of your anatomy. They finally coaxed you to stretch out, nice and long, and then you immediately curled back into a cozy little wad. You also sucked on your fist and draped your other little arm behind your head like you were lounging.

Your current favorite move is to do a full body stretch (feet pushing against my belly and a hand pushing toward my hip), so you must be growing.

Finn hugs on you already and tries to share his ball or cup of milk with you sometimes. I humor him by pretending you can catch or sip through my belly. You’ll probably recognize his voice once you arrive. You hear it a lot! He’s going to be a good big brother to you and we pray that you become best friends and favorite playmates. You’ll have to teach him how to be gentle with girls and he’ll teach you how to handle tough situations.

We are curious to see who you look like since Finn looks so much like your dad. I’m sorry in advance if you inherit my straight brown hair, but who knows…we do have some redheads in the family, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

See you soon, little one!




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