A Note for Finn: 9 months

9 month Finn closeup

Dear Finn,

Tomorrow you’ll be a 10 month old, so today I’ll recap the highlights of your 9th month on earth:

You are a fun-loving boy who entertains himself with just about anything. It seems like you change overnight with all the new skills you’ve acquired the past few weeks.

You can now crawl on your hands and knees, pull up on things, and stand up in your crib.

You’re very “talkative” and love to have conversations with Dad and me. Sometimes you’re quite content to talk with yourself as well.

You can copy sounds pretty well, even mimicking the rooster at Mimi’s house with your own kind of crow. While we were at the beach earlier in the month, you yelled “Mah-bah!” as I walked by and Mimi and your Aunt Collette said they thought you were trying to say Mama. You can now say “Dah-dah-dah” but none of your “words” are really directed at anyone in particular.

You’ve really been a traveler during your ninth month as well. You’ve been briefly to Ohio and West Virginia, took a weekend trip to Pennsylvania, spent a week in Oak Island, and most recently visited the Blue Ridge Parkway.

One new “trick” of yours is to wrestle with us as we change your diaper. We try to turn you around, not an easy feat considering how strong you are, and you just laugh and roll away. You love music and test out each toy you pick up with another to see if they make a sound when you bang them together. You also recently started mimicking us by putting your sunglasses on top of your head when we hand them to you.

Bathtime is still a favorite activity, and now we’ve added reading to that list as well. You still enjoy Mama’s interpretive reading of Sheep in a Jeep, but your new favorite book is All of Baby Nose to Toes (one of the books you got in the mail from Dolly Parton’s Imagination Station). Tearing magazines is a big hit as well. You get really loud and fuss at the paper as you rip it. We just have to prevent you from eating what you tear off.

Speaking of eating, you are a champ. You now eat real food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as snacks from Mama interspersed throughout the day. You eat a TON at each meal, yet still wake up hungry sometimes in the middle of the night. You’ll be eating us out of house and home by the time you’re thirteen.

You are cutting two more teeth on top, and this has been a bit harder on you than the bottom two. You haven’t learned you can’t chew on toys while the top teeth are coming in or you hurt yourself. I know it’s painful, but we pray it’ll be over soon and you’ll have little bunny teeth for us to enjoy looking at.

You are a sweet, wonderful baby with a sunny disposition and a zeal for life. We can’t wait to see what your 10th month brings.



9 month Finn 9 month Finn Boone 9 month Finn hiking 9 month Finn passed out 9 month Finn playing 9 month finn toy 9 month Finn WVA family 9 month Finn WVA Hiking 9 month Finn WVA Finn 9 month Beach

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