A Note for Finn: 7 months

finn highchair

Dear Finn,

You’ve had an impressive 7th month on the planet. You cut your two bottom teeth. You can rock back and forth on all fours and will be crawling soon I’m sure. Here are a few of the things we noticed about you this month:

Whenever you’re upset from teething pain or something you don’t like at the moment, you try to get yourself over it by blowing bubbles at us. You do it for just a moment as if to say to yourself, “It’s okay, Finn. Bllppphh. Um, no it’s not okay, I’m gonna cry now.”

Your absolute favorite book is Sheep in a Jeep (a gift from Cousin Kara, I believe) and you cackle laughing every time I read it. We recite it sometimes in the car when you don’t want to be in the car seat any longer. It usually improves your mood for a little while.

Your favorite nighttime routine is rolling around (or swimming as we call it) on our bed. You have to do this every night to get your energy out. Sometimes when you are hard to get down for the night, I remember you haven’t gone bed swimming. After you do, you are out like a light. You also enjoy listening to 19 Kids and Counting as you nurse yourself to sleep. When I play it during the day, you stop whatever you’re doing and look up every time Michelle Duggar speaks. It’s so cute!

A new thing you’ve picked up this month is feeling your hair. Sometimes you do it while you’re nursing like you’re giving yourself a head massage. Other times you just brush your hand across it once when you’re playing like, “Yeah, it’s still there. Whew!”

I try to rotate your toys often so you don’t get bored. You have inherited a wealth of them from your cousins. 🙂 Your current favorite is Noah’s Ark, another gift from Cousin Kara. You are obsessed with Noah’s white beard and always reach for him first. I named Noah’s wife Beyonce because the Bible doesn’t mention her name and it seemed to fit. Plus, I just want to hear you say it once you start talking. 🙂

Sometimes you talk in your sleep, either after I’ve laid you down or sometimes in the middle of the night. I always check on you, but I usually just pat you on the back and you end your “conversation”.

Solid foods have rocked your world. Your favorite seems to be squash right now, but you’ve enjoyed everything you’ve tried so far (with the exception of sweet potatoes)…bananas, apples and berries, peas, green beans, apples, peaches, pears, prunes, garden vegetables, mango, carrots, and you still enjoy a little rice cereal at dinner each night.

You still don’t nap very often, but you are sleeping from 11pm-6:30am most nights if you were full after dinner.

Dad got to experience another first with you recently (he also caught you rolling from belly to back for the first time a while ago). He was changing your diaper and clucked his tongue at you and you copied him. Then he came and showed me your new trick and you copied him again. You haven’t done it much since, but every so often you’ll look at me and randomly cluck your tongue.

At your 6 month check up, you were in the 90th percentile for length, and boy, I think you’re in the 100th now. You are so long, when you stretch out to nurse your feet can reach the arm rest on the recliner enough to kick it up and dangle your foot in the cup holder inside.

We’ve lowered your crib just to make sure you don’t pull up and flip out now that you can sit up too.

You love life for all it’s worth, and you’re very curious about EVERYTHING! I’ve never met a more fun-loving baby. Your dad and I both are excited to be able to start doing more things with you as you grow each month, and we can’t wait to see what adventures your 8th month brings (which will start this Saturday, by the way).

Love you, little pistol!


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3 thoughts on “A Note for Finn: 7 months

  1. Abby says:

    I love all your letters to Finn. I wish I had thought to do that when the kids were a lot younger.. so I’d have a lot more to remember one day.. it goes fast and is easy to forget! So sweet! 🙂

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