//See, Pin, Do vol. 2//

It’s time for another installment of See, Pin, Do. This time, I got a little ambitious and did two projects, but only because they were so easy {let’s not get used to this}.

{Original Pin}

{Original Pin}

I hate the idea of just keeping all the cards Finn receives stuffed away in a box in the closet somewhere, so when I saw this idea, I thought it was meaningful way to add some fun to his room.

You can click on the pin above to see the original instructions for this neat little project, but I sort of just did my own thing.

Step One: Create a triangular template. {You choose the size.}

Step Two: Cut the image or sentiment from the card using the template.

Step Three: {optional} Write the name of the person who gave the card and the occasion on the back.

Step Four: Staple each triangle several lengths of ribbon. {I made three “chains”.}

Step Five: Hang garland.

Finn’s Version:

Banner 4

Banner 1

Banner 2Banner 3

The next project was my take on some wall art.

{Original Pin}

{Original Pin}

I think this little saying is super cute, but didn’t see a need to spend money on a plaque when I could create the same thing on the computer.

Step One: Find a free font I like {also from Pinterest}. I chose Carte Blanche from this site.

Step Two: Type and have fun with colors.

Step Three: Print and frame.

See Pin Do- I love you

Step Four: Include printable on blog {optional}

I Love You Printable

And that concludes this month’s edition of //See, Pin, Do//!

See Pin Do

What Pinterest projects have you been working on? Link them below in the comments.


8 thoughts on “//See, Pin, Do vol. 2//

  1. Abby says:

    I love that banner made from cards, what a great idea! I have boxes and boxes of stored cards from all 3 kids, maybe I need to do something with them.

  2. Dana Moore says:

    I nearly fell over, when I read “I love you a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck” saying. I’ve been saying this to my granddaughter for 21 years and my grandmother said it to me – she was born in 1889. I wonder how long this saying has been in existence? Lets keep it going – children love to hear the words and I love saying them.

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