A Note for Finn: 5 months

{5 months old}

{5 months old}

Dear Finn,

You are five months old now, and boy, you are changing so much every day! You rolled over on your own for the first time on April 25th, and have been practicing your skill quite a bit. You can tell you are so proud when you flip from your back to your belly. You instantly look for me after you perform your stunt and smile at your amazing feat. Here are a few other things we’ve observed about you since I last wrote you a little note:

Favorite Activities:

}Tummy Time ~You prefer being on your belly more than any other position, adore all your toys, and like to speak with them often.

}Jungle Jump-Jump ~Your feet can just barely touch the floor, so we put down Mama’s Pilates mat to cushion the blow. You’ve figured out how to spin the balls on there already.

}Growling ~ There was a reason we nicknamed you Finny-Boo-Bear, and I guess we’ve discovered it. Sometimes, if you spot something in your room while you’re eating, you’ll interrupt your meal to growl your “hello” to it.

}Bathtime ~ This remains your favorite activity. You love to play and splash in the kitchen sink. You’re very ticklish around your cheeks and neck, so you enjoy having your face washed. You also love to have just your feet soaked and washed.

}Reading Time ~ You’re particularly fond of books that rhyme. Some favorites: Sheep in a Jeep, Chicka Chicka Boom, & a book of nursery rhymes that belonged to Mama.

}Playing on the “big” bed ~ You love to roll around on the fluffy comforter and rub your face back and forth in the pillows.

Least Favorite Activity:

}The carseat ~ I think you’re mad that it’s putting you to sleep to ride in the car, and you want to be awake so you don’t miss anything. Whatever it is, you despise even being put in your carseat, much less riding anywhere in it. Makes for interesting (and loud) errand-running. LOL

We continue to be amazed at how your personality develops and look forward to watching you learn new skills and tricks to impress us. You definitely know how to enjoy life to the fullest, and you’re teaching us everyday to pursue fun and happiness in the little things life blesses us with. We absolutely adore you!





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