Significantly Foolish…

Words cannot begin to express how excited I am to be hosting author, blogger, and my dear friend, Beth Pensinger, all this week on the blog! Quirky, funny, sweet, and real, Beth is one of those people whom you just instantly click with. We met for literally 2 minutes at the Blue Ridge Christian Writers Conference last year, and I was so nauseous (because of Finn, not Beth lol) that I had to leave the closing session early. Luckily, my mom had a class with Beth and made sure to introduce us before we left. Ever since then we became fast friends, reading each other’s blogs and sending a few emails back and forth. We live so far away from each other that we’ve only been able to grab dinner one time in person, but nonetheless, I count Beth as a true treasure in my life. I was super-excited to read her new book, Let Me Fall, but I never would’ve guessed how much it would impact my life. You all know that I’m completely sleep-deprived, but I stayed up late two nights in a row just to finish this book, which is a review in and of itself, but can read my Amazon review here. You may remember “meeting” Beth here, but before she shares some excerpts of the books and offers one of you a chance to win her book , I just have to say this is truly one of the best non-fiction books I’ve read in several years. I could go on and on, but I think Beth’s posts this week will speak for themselves. Hope you enjoy! {And don’t forget to comment, share on Facebook and/or twitter and let us know you’ve done so for a chance to win a copy of Let Me Fall.}


Significantly Foolish?

Hi Budget Maven peeps! Let me just preface everything by telling you that Allison is one of those friends I don’t deserve. I am honored to be her guest this week.

I recently released my first book, Let Me Fall: The Love Story Between God and His Dimwitted Daughter. How recently, you ask? April Fool’s Day 2013. While it may seem silly to some, this day of fools carries much significance to me …

Only four years earlier I was at an all-time low. My despair—a silent, yet constant companion—was brought to light after finishing the Twilight series (of all things). I cried out and asked God what in the world was wrong with me. Surprisingly, I heard Him respond. He told me my problem was not being in love with Him.


My mind was caught up in a swirl of questions. I asked Jesus to come live in my heart back when I was seven years old, but had I ever been intentional about cultivating our relationship? Was falling in love with God really that farfetched? Or was this all just an April Fool’s Day hallucination?

– Let Me Fall, pg 32

Turns out it wasn’t. And it turns out God has a sense of humor.


I hope to hear from you this week! Please comment, share on Facebook and twitter, and let me know that you shared to get a chance to win a copy of Let Me Fall!

Winner announced Friday, May 3rd!

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Anyone who’s struggled with an addiction of some sort would agree that finding lasting contentment from the actual addiction is much like a dog chasing its tail—only a lot less adorable.

Let Me Fall is the love story between God and His dimwitted daughter. I’m the dimwit in case you were wondering.

As a grown woman, it pains me to admit that the catalyst for this story was my obsession with Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight saga, and the despair immediately following my reading it. If my despair were merely of the lighthearted, “oh darn I chipped a nail” variety, you wouldn’t be reading this book description. But it wasn’t, and you are. As in most tales of woe, I hit rock-bottom, which meant all my nails got chipped. Fearing the savage state of my cuticles, as well as my heart, I finally called out to Father God for help. Spoiler Alert: He showed up with a spiritual defibrillator.

Let Me Fall is where my literal world figuratively collides with God as He shows me more of who I am and who He is. My story isn’t a formula for falling in love with God. But I would be thrilled if it is a catalyst for others to do the same.



BETH PENSINGER is an awkward, semi-colon abusing nobody who smiles too much. She is the author of four—make that four and a half—journals and untold scores of napkin-notes. She lives near Myrtle Beach, SC with her husband, dog, and human-hating chameleon. Visit with her at, where she blogs about dirty microwaves, infertility, and the fine qualities of Faramir of Gondor.


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