When Things don’t Make Sense

I had decided on Monday to take a break from blogging for the week…I always struggle with the balance between using blogging as an outlet, a way to connect, and create community, and writing about what I’m doing all the time.

In light of the events that have made the news this week, posting any kind of status update, tweet, pin, or instagram photo seems trivial. Even ones that express sympathy for the tragedies that’ve taken place this week. I felt the same way about what happened in Newtown, CT.

As a girl who believes the whole world should get along and we should all skip through fields of flowers holding hands and eating Skittles while we play with our pet unicorns, I can never make sense of terrible things that happen like this.

I feel paralyzed to do anything, other than offer up a few prayers for those affected, and then make sure I’m doing everything in my power to make the world better…

Otherwise, how can I look at the sweet, innocent face below and explain why bad things happen.

I want Finn to know that when bad things–horrible, catastrophic things– happen, God can use them to remind us to be thankful, to extend a helping hand if we can (like so many brave folks have the past few days), and to take a close look at the way we’re living…with intention and purpose to make things matter.



2 thoughts on “When Things don’t Make Sense

  1. celestevaughan says:

    God doesn’t promise there won’t be trouble, but He does promise that He has ALREADY overcome it. I KNOW it’s scary…especially when you look into the sweet face of that first child. But the only thing we can hold onto is the promise that God’s got us…His children…in His hands 🙂

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