Finn Enamored post

Finn is in a stage now where he’s really interested in what we’re saying. He’ll lay in his crib, on the boppy, or on his play quilt and study us while we talk to him. His crystal-blue eyes follow every movement our mouths make while we form words. His feet wriggle and kick with delight at the sounds of our voices. He hangs on every word, often singing long coos of sheer joy…enamored with the fact that his parents—the people he loves—are speaking to him.

I’m struck dumb by the thought that my four-month old son knows more about meaningful relationships than I do. How often Ryan and I {really most of us adults, right?} go through the motions of each day, talking about what we did or would like to do, without really listening to the other person for the sheer joy of hearing a loved one speak to us.

Even more disturbing to me, as someone who is a believer, is how often I forget to take joy in listening to my Heavenly Father’s voice. I get so caught up in day-to-day tasks, selfish desires, and other pulls from the world that I forget to listen. I forget to hear. I forget to delight in the beautiful sound of God’s voice as it speaks to my heart.

With Easter just a few days away, I’m reminded that God’s mercies are new every morning. That I can choose each day to relish in His Word, delight in His voice, and be enamored by the fact that my Father is speaking to me.



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