loving//This guy:


reading//Trying to read Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks (when I can) before I see the movie. So far, it’s the perfect combo of mystery, romance, and coziness that I’ve come to expect from a Sparks’ read. 

watching//The Office Season 8. I’m trying to catch up to current episodes while I nurse and after watching Jim and Pam’s wedding again recently, I’m really unhappy with where they’re going with their storyline in the current season…get it together The Office writers…

listening to//Lady A’s cover of I Can’t Make You Love Me sniff sniff

working on//The rewrite to my first novel…It’s sort of like The Notebook meets Signs, hence the sad song listening mentioned above.

wishing for//More time in the day to get things done…but don’t we all wish for that?

What are you guys up to?


Inspiration for this post provided by Paige over at Barefoot & Vintage.


4 thoughts on “//Currently//

    • Allison says:

      I can tell from the movie preview that their physical descriptions are different than the book, so I’m not really hung up on that yet. That may change as I read though…I’ll probably have to read more than a page a month to find out, huh? I’m exaggerating…kinda. 😉

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