This Past Weekend and Right Now


And no, that isn’t a shrine to me in the background. I was visiting my mom, and she snapped the pics for me. Top left is the ‘ole high school-hand-on-the-face pic. Bottom right is my brother and I fist bumping at my wedding. Ah, memories!




This Past Weekend: I finally bit the bullet and had my hair stylist, Lora, dye my hair red. I’ve wanted to be a redhead for-ever, but never had the guts until now (this may sound dumb, but I’m trying to overcome irrational fears & this was a big step for me). More on this later…I’m still adjusting to it, but I definitely feel sassier. Ryan made an awesome earring holder for the wall. I was going crazy trying to find stuff all crammed in my jewelry box. We went to Finn’s first official social event, a one year old’s birthday party. He wasn’t really interested in anything other than his bottle, but he did let us put sunglasses on him, which shocked me. The sun’s always shining when you’re cool, so he’d better get used to it. We attended a Walking Dead Season 3 watch party. Despite the gore, I really like the storylines on this show {The writers really make the audience ask some hard moral questions}. It was so fun to be able to jump, gasp, and grip the edge of the sofa cushions with friends. Finally, Finn discovered his new favorite toy, the rainstick.

Right now: Organizing the clothes Finn has grown out of. Trying to learn how to take better pictures on my phone since it’s always with me and easier to tote around (plus, as you know I’m obsessed with Picfx, and it works from my phone). Beginning the spring cleaning process slowly but surely. And finally, the most time consuming thing, working on a rewrite of my first novel. I’ve had some epiphanies about the characters, and even though it’s a ton of work, a rewrite is definitely necessary.

What did you guys do this weekend, and what are you up to right now?

{Inspiration for this post came from Dani Hampton, over at Sometimes Sweet.}


5 thoughts on “This Past Weekend and Right Now

  1. Shannon says:

    Ahh, how sweet…Claire’s first birthday was Finn’s first social event!!
    Also, I love the earring holder!!! I wonder if Ryan might be commissioned to make another? Your hair looks awesome!

  2. Sara says:

    Love your hair, that color looks great on you!! The earring holder is awesome, need to get the know how’s on that;)

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