Tomorrow will be kinder…

This weekend I was finally able to clip all of Finn’s nails at one time so that he didn’t have to keep wearing socks on his hands. And so, he has discovered that fingers are awesome and taste yummy, and stayed up a lot the past few days playing with his newfound appendages.

I had a post ready for Wardrobe Wednesday, but, alas, the picture uploader isn’t working properly, and Finn’s almost up from one of the few naps he’s taken the past four days, so I think I’m gonna have to accept the fact that it’s one of “those” days and try again tomorrow.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful Wednesday! If not, I hope tomorrow will be kinder…




5 thoughts on “Tomorrow will be kinder…

  1. Abby says:

    My picture uploader stopped working awhile back and I had to blog on a different internet browser. If it keeps up, that might work. Always loved seeing Finn with his little socks on his hands πŸ˜‰

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