Have the Day You Have

During this strange season of life, in which I find myself the mother of an almost three month old, I’m learning to work within a new rhythm.

In the past, I’ve been driven by my to-do list, my ambitions, and my self-imposed schedule. It’s just the way it’s been. I never gave myself a moment to enjoy what I was doing because I had to get it done and move on to the next thing.

My friend, Dina, wrote this article about spacious living a while back and it really stuck with me because I’ve realized that I don’t know how to live in a spacious place. I’ve been so confined by my own restrictions that I don’t give myself time to just savor life. Relish individual moments. Soak in the joy of life as it comes.

There’s still hope for me though because I wasn’t always like this. This is a forced rhythm I’ve created for myself in adulthood. When I was a teenager, I used to sit for hours on the swing set  my parents built for us. I’d sway back and forth, listening to music and looking out over my mom’s garden, and I would DREAM… Dream of how wonderful my life would be one day…And, you know what…it’s pretty wonderful now.

Since deciding to stay at home with Finn full-time, I’ve really had to let go of forced rhythms, the ones I’ve been living in for so long. I’ve had to be okay with not always having a clean house, having to master a 5 minute shower, and looking up at the clock and realizing the only thing I’ve accomplished for the day is making Finn happy.

The cool thing about having a kid, especially one as sweet as Finn, is that I can see a sparkle in his eye…one that looks a lot like the sparkle I used to have…one that is full of hope, dreams, and possibilities. A sparkle that comes from enjoying the moment, getting lost in the joy of little pleasures, and not worrying about the rest of the day’s agenda.

There’s a quote from this beautiful little movie I just saw that I absolutely love…and it ties right into the way I want to learn, or maybe just re-learn how to live spaciously, in an unforced rhythm…

“Have a good day!” “No, that’s too much pressure.” “Okay. Have the day you have!” {The Odd Life of Timothy Green}

I share all these random thoughts to encourage you to do the same…

Have the day you have!



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