A Note for Finn: 2 months

Dear Finn,

You are changing everyday, so I want to make sure I remember every little detail of your personality as it develops. Here are a few things I notice about you now…

You’re getting more tolerant of diaper changes, but you still hate being wet.

You study everything with great intensity…from faces to the wallpaper in the kitchen.

Finn Studying Ryan

You still cross your legs when you eat, which I absolutely love! You really know how to relax and enjoy yourself.

Finn Legs Crossed Hearts

You’ve been holding your head up for long periods of time since you were just a few weeks old, but you’re really getting the hang of it now…even craning your neck to see what’s going on around you.

You don't always cross your eyes, but this frog toy had your complete attention.

You don’t always cross your eyes, but this frog toy had your complete attention.

You’re smiling more and more each day and like to flirt with Mama and other women by showing off your dimple. It’s okay, that’s how your dad got me too. Wink! Wink!

You love the TV, especially your Baby Einstein video about neighborhood animals. You perk up the most during the horse portion of the video, so maybe that’s your favorite animal.

watching tv: notice the glazed over look...same one Mama has when she's watching her favorite shows.

watching tv: notice the glazed-over look…same one Mama has when she’s watching her favorite shows.

Your favorite activities include: looking at yourself in the mirror (who can blame you?), helping Mama vacuum, and staring at the frog and toucan on your jungle swing.

You’re alert for longer periods now, sometimes you’re up for six or more hours at a time. You’re also sleeping longer periods at night. Your record so far is 7 1/2 hours. I can tell you’re happier when you wake up too, so I think you’re getting better quality sleep than you did initially.

Nicknames: Punky Poodle, Finny-boo-boo (I know, I’m sorry), Peanut, Whiney-boo-boo, Mr. Finn

watching Dad make breakfast on his day off.

watching Dad make breakfast on his day off.

We love you so much, little guy! Can’t wait to see how you continue to change and grow in the next few months.




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