Lather, Rinse, Repeat

A couple years ago I started this blog to help me cope with being on one income while I tried to pursue a writing career. Then I let my need for security overtake me and took a job in an unrelated field because, in all honesty, it was easier to work a “regular” job than to push myself to do something that may never make me any money.

First mistake.

Fast forward a couple years, add in one new baby and a still-burning desire to write, and I find myself back in the place where I started.

I do not want to miss one minute, one second of time with Finn. I can also no longer neglect the pull I’ve felt to write, even if it doesn’t turn me into the next Nicholas Sparks.

I have a son to raise. I have stories to tell. And I can’t do these things if my focus is pulled in all the directions that it has been lately.

My one word for the year is TRUST. And so, it was with trust that I recently gave my two weeks notice at my “day” job at the church to stay at home full time with Finn (and write, of course, even as slowly as that’s going). Ryan and I spent many a night discussing this…praying about this…worrying about this, but in the end we realized that we’ll never get back this time God has provided for me to be the primary influence in Finn’s life. No amount of extra income can compensate for that gift.

So…we find ourselves back where we started when I began this blog…

This time around, I’ve realized a few things though:

It’s okay to do things differently…even if no one gets it.

Even if people think you’re crazy.

Even if you’re the only one doing it (And, thankfully, I know from reading hundreds of blogs that we’re not the only ones).

Another thing I’ve come to realize is that just because this blog is called The Budget Maven, it doesn’t mean I have to talk about money in every post, or in any post for that matter…that was never my theme anyway.

My goal in life has always been to budget well, but I’m not just talking about money. Time is a commodity as well and not one that I want to mismanage. Especially now, when every moment with Finn is so precious.

I say all this, in a wonderfully rambly sort of way, to let you guys know what’s coming your way as you follow me on this journey.

I want everything I share on here to be helpful, inspiring, and entertaining, but I no longer care if any of my posts fit into the category of “money”.

I want this space to be where I share the things we’re doing to enjoy this beautifully messy thing we call life, moments that money can’t buy, and priceless experiences that we’ll only get to have once.

Thank you to those of you who’ve been with me from the beginning, and welcome to those of you who are just boarding the ride.

Have a great weekend!




8 thoughts on “Lather, Rinse, Repeat

  1. ebee333 says:

    Trust is also my word for this year! For different reasons of course but it was still encouraging to read this! Here is the verse I am clinging to: Those who know your name trust in you, for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you. (Psalm 9:10 NIV)

  2. Abby says:

    You will enjoy it very much! I love having this time with the kids. I have been able to see all the “firsts” and do lots of things with them. Arnold says he is jealous sometimes. It is hard sometimes, but worth it, like you said. If you guys ever get lonely, we could always meet up sometime! 🙂

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