What’s in My Bag…

I always find it so fascinating what other women carry around in their purses, so I thought I’d share what items I find necessary to have with me at all times. Not pictured is my humongous wallet that’s almost too big for my tiny purse (due in large part to the plethora of store savings cards crammed in there) and the phone on which I took the picture below. The bag was $10 at Old Navy and was purchased when I was in college, but I still get tons of compliments on it. I guess leopard print never really goes out of style.

What's in my bag 1


Little Pink Mirror: comes in handy for food-in-teeth checks and, of course, lip gloss application

Chicken Poop lip balm: (gift from my friend, Wendy): Brand name only, not the flavor. It actually smells like eucalyptus and keeps my lips very smooth.

Rimmel Stay Glossy Lip Shine: not sure of this color’s name, but it stays on for-ev-a!

Ulta Super Shiny Lip Gloss in Princess: This and the mirror were Christmas gifts from my sweet sister-in-law and I love them both.

The Write Dudes Swirl Click Pen: Can be purchased at Target and seriously one of the best pens ever! And this from a total pen snob.

Now, I know what you’re saying…is this all she carries? Well, for myself yes, this is it. Now, for Finn I pack pretty much everything but the kitchen sink, so I’ll spare you that one.

What about you? What’s in your bag?

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6 thoughts on “What’s in My Bag…

  1. Homeschool Hijinks says:

    You know, if you have a smart phone, there are apps to store all of those store savings cards. I use Key Ring on my phone…no more store cards in my wallet. I even have my library card on there. 😀

  2. tmcree says:

    OK – I TRY to carry a smaller purse, but it just doesn’t work for me! My essentials? A Vera Bradley hard-sided click wallet, a sample can of Shaper Plus hair spray, a small tube of Gold Bond Ultimate Intensive healing hand cream (the best!), Bare Minerals READY touch up veil powder, Clinique’s “Chubby Stick” moisturizing lip balm – (I have 5 colors), kleenex, floss, Wintergreen Altoids, pens and packets of NuStevia sweetener. You know what just occured to me? I have too many “essentials”!! Maybe I need to re-prioritize! (Ha!)

  3. csgbaker says:

    Brian teases me non-stop about the contents of my purse.
    Last week, we stopped to help someone with car trouble who needed
    water to wash something off the battery but everything was closed.
    Lucky for them, my purse wasn’t! I yanked out my water bottle (yes,
    it’s a big purse) with a grin that said it all. 🙂 You have no idea
    how relieved I am to hear that the chicken-poop balm smells like
    eucalyptus! I will definitely pick one up, along with the pen from
    Target. I’ve not seen that one yet. We pen snobs need to stick
    together! 🙂 Great post, Allison.

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