A Note for Finn: 8 weeks

Dear Finn,

Today, you are 8 weeks old and really beginning to show some personality. Here are a few things we’ve noticed about you so far.

You always cross your legs when you’re nursing.

Finn's Feet


You hate being wet and demand your diaper be changed immediately after you’ve wet yourself. Catch-22, you also hate being changed.

You have several distinct cries:

1. I’m wet. I hate this.

2. I just ate an hour ago, but I’m starved.

3. I wasn’t finished sleeping, but was hungry, so I’m waking up, but I’m not thrilled about it. (This one sounds more like a protest than actual crying.)

4. I’m in pain, gas or otherwise. (This is quite pitiful and usually makes me well up too.)

5. My feelings are hurt because you’re not doing what I clearly asked you to.

6. I hate everything about the current scenario. Change it while I turn red and hold my breath.

There are two other “noises” you make. One is a quick, sharp squawk to let us know you’re not real happy about what’s going on, but you’re not mad enough about it to cry. The other sounds like you’re saying “Guh” and usually indicates you’re unsure if you like a situation or not. Both are pretty funny to witness.

You love baths except for the part when we pull you from the warm water to dry you off.

Your favorite toys are the light up music box on your crib and your jungle vibrating seat.

You still love to stare at any kind of lights.

When Dad and I hold you up on our shoulder and you’re still hungry, you bob your head on our chest like Woody Woodpecker. We have to be ready to prevent you from head-butting our clavicles and bonking your head.

You’re abnormally strong for being so tiny. Seriously, I think you could beat me at arm wrestling.


I know there’s lots more to discover about you in the coming months, and we look forward to every minute of it. Now…if you’d just sleep through the night…



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2 thoughts on “A Note for Finn: 8 weeks

  1. Carol Anne says:

    Finn is one of the luckiest kids in the world. You will be so glad you wrote all this down when he is older. Today you think you will never, ever forget these moments. Then, you are 50 and remember what happened to other friends’ children better than you remember what happened with your own. Or is that just me? 😉

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