Budget Maven Storytime

I would love to have some remarkable words of financial wisdom for you or something really witty and entertaining that showcases my fabulous life, but I’m all out of both today. 🙂

Instead I hope to entertain you with a little 100-word story I wrote a while back for a contest called “The Accident”. If you’ve never tried flash fiction, it will definitely work writing muscles you didn’t know you had, so I encourage you to try one just for fun. In fact, if you write one this week, come back and post it in the comments section.


Imagine I typed it on this instead of my computer, and it’ll make it seem even cooler.

“The Accident”
Curls of smoke exit her lips, swirling clouds through empty air. Red claws tap the formica countertop. Hips swivel on the stool to a song she’s heard before. 

The bell floating above the door announces his arrival. He slithers onto the stool beside her. 

“It’s done.” 

One fluid motion pushes an unmarked envelope his way, shaped like a block of cheese. Exchanged glance, hint of a smile, understanding.

“Get your things from upstairs.”

Blue dress, velvet hat, stockings, all she needs.  

She knocks over Jim’s picture. A shadow from behind startles her. 


“Going somewhere, Eileen?”

No chance to explain.

(Copyright © 2012 Allison Martin)


3 thoughts on “Budget Maven Storytime

  1. Ronda Martin says:

    I was starting to understand your inspiration… but then… it was “Jim”… and then it was “Eileen”!! That blew it for me 🙂 You know your father-in laws name, but, what you may not know, my middle name is Eileen. Love your tallent Allison! Just a poor choice in names for me this time. LOVE, your mom-in-law 😉

  2. csgbaker says:

    You’ve totally inspired me, Allison. Telling a story in 100 words is sure to hone my tightening skills. I doubt I’ll finish anything this week, but know your story has kicked my motivation into full gear! Thanks friend.

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