A Note for Baby Finn

Dear Finn,

As you continue to grow and move around in my stomach, I often think about what you’ll look like and which of us, your Dad or me, you’ll take after in personality. If I had my choice, here’s what I hope you get from us…

From Dad:

  • His sense of good style
  • His dark hair and olive complexion
  • His assertiveness (Dad always expresses himself well).
  • His dimples
  • His extroverted-ness
  • His skills in math and general carpentry skills
  • His talent with car repair

From Momma:

  • My awesome taste in music and movies (Don’t believe a word Dad says about this…Kutless is not scream-o!)
  • My goofy sense of humor (Actually, both Dad and I share this, so for your sake, I hope you inherit this or life could be really embarrassing for you.)
  • My sense of organization
  • My blue eyes (Just because dimples and blue eyes will help you impress the ladies later in life…you know when you’re 30.)
  • My love of reading and stories…(Trust me, you have plenty of books to choose from)
  • My sense of imagination (This has gotten thru more than one boring event in my life, so I hope I can pass this skill down to you.)

Of course, there will be lots of things you do that are completely your own, and we are excited to see those unfold as we get to know you. We love you already!



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