Wordless{ish} Wednesday: Bringing Back a Classic

My brother found this birdhouse, made from the pages of my favorite childhood book The Monster at the End of This Book, at a local antiques store. When he text me the picture and asked if I wanted him to get it for me, my reply was something along the lines of, “Do kids hate broccoli?…Yes, please get it!”

I still own my original copy of this book—notice the scribble marks on the right which I only saved for my favorite books.

Basically, Grover (aka the best Sesame Street character ever) finds out there’s a monster at the end of the book, so he does everything he can to keep the reader from turning the page. In a shocking twist even Grover didn’t see coming, it turns out he’s the monster at the end of the book. And thus began my love of ironic literature!

I can still hear my mom’s voice when she made Grover scream dramatically, “You turned another page!”. I definitely plan to carry on the tradition with Finn and any other kiddos that come along. I tell you…well-dramatized books are better than NBC’s primetime line up. 🙂

Happy Wednesday!


7 thoughts on “Wordless{ish} Wednesday: Bringing Back a Classic

  1. Jane Green says:

    There’s some deep theology in the Grover book. Sometimes we also are our own monster at the end of the book. If we could just recognize that and straighten ourselves out, life could end happily ever after. LOL

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