Finn’s Little Corner of the World

Several people have asked me if we’ve gotten the nursery ready, but we’re still waiting on a crib and diaper changing table before we officially declare it the nursery. I do, however, have a corner of the room organized, so that counts, right?

Top of his “dresser”, which is really an Ikea bookshelf. From left to right: his basket of socks (from his cousin Chase), Lambchop (from his momma’s glory days), Hedgehog, and Fox (from Aunt Monica), picture of me and Ryan, and a rustic tree from my primitive decor phase a few years back (still works for woodland animals).

This cuckoo clock was a Christmas present from my parents in high school. I’ve always loved it, and I think it fits nicely with the decor. I thought the ticking might be soothing to him…and don’t worry, I disabled the cuckoo.

Each “cubby” in the bookshelf has been organized by category or season (for all the wonderful clothes Aunt Monica passed down to us from Chase). At least everything’s at glance like this, and I don’t have to worry about him shutting his fingers in a drawer when he gets a little older. Of course, I realize this will be his first target when he enters the let’s-dump-everything-out stage. 

So, there you have it…Finn’s little corner of the world. Once the nursery is finished, I’ll share more.






4 thoughts on “Finn’s Little Corner of the World

  1. Jenny says:

    I love it, love it, love it! The paneling, the groovy foxes, and that awesome cuckoo clock…I can see little Finn kicked back wearing a plaid blazer, coloring and chatting with ole Fox, humming along to Billie Holiday, glancing at the clock to schedule his naps and snacks. Mr. Finn is gonna dig that room!

    (Sorry, I’ve been told I have a terrible habit of inventing wacky scenarios. But, seriously, that room is totally cozy and chill for the lil man. Love!!)

    • Allison says:

      I make up wacky scenarios too so you’re in good company. Judging from his movements when I listen to music, I think he’ll be humming to The Lumineers instead of Billie Holiday though. 😉

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