A Note for Baby Finn

Dear Finn,

You are moving more than ever now. The funniest thing is you’re doing this new thing where you try out a motion or kick four or five times in a row, rest for about a minute or so and then move and try another motion. Sometimes I feel like the X-games are going on in my belly.

Dad can really feel you now, so you must be getting bigger and stronger. You seem to have a sense when it’s not mine or Dad’s hand on my belly trying to feel you. You’ve let Mimi feel you kick lightly a few times, but when Aunt Holly tried it, you got very performance shy. Every time I moved my hand and put hers where I felt you, you became really still. As soon as she took her hand away, you kicked me again. I guess you didn’t like having to perform tricks for visitors. 🙂

I’m looking forward to seeing you do the same movements once you arrive and then I’ll be able to figure out what in the world all those little punches, flutters, and kicks were in my belly all these months. Hope you’re enjoying your cozy little playground in there!




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