Nursery Themes and Such

People keep asking me about the nursery theme we’re using, so I figured today would be a good day to share. Our 2nd bedroom currently houses my office, a corner full of yard sale fodder and workout equipment, and an Ikea bookshelf turned baby dresser, so we’re not really in full-blown baby room mode yet in there. And honestly, my office will have to stay in here for a while anyway, so the idea of some over the top theme for the room seemed pretty ridiculous. Besides, it’s not like Finn will even notice the room for the first few years of his life, so I kinda doubt his first words will be “You know, momma, this room just isn’t me.”

Let’s face it, nursery decor is for the tired momma who has to go into the baby’s room ten times a night and look at it, so does it really matter if it’s all coordinated or not? I don’t think so.

That being said, since I will have to look at the room frequently, I did select some really cute artwork to lift my sleepless spirit once Finn gets here.

All artwork from ohhellodear.

Who doesn’t want to think that owls and hedgehogs can read?

Momma and Baby Deer, c’mon!

This one is called “A Fox and His Boy”.

The artwork was on sale when I bought it, so I got all three for $34. The frames were 9 bucks a piece at Hobby Lobby. A whopping $61 dollars later, we have a nursery theme.

Ta da!

We’ll probably wait to buy a crib after he gets here since we have a bedside sleeper crib handed down from Ryan’s very generous sister. We also have a pack and play with an attached diaper changing table (another hand-me-down), but I would love to win The Breeze from 4moms, which blogger Lesley Graham is giving away today on her blog. Check it out and enter to win!

Have a fabulous Monday!


2 thoughts on “Nursery Themes and Such

  1. Abby says:

    Oh I love that picture with the animals reading! That is precious! I love the “theme” you are using… cute woodland creatures 😉

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