Boys and Girls…

Since I laid some heavy stuff on you yesterday, I thought I’d lighten the mood a bit today and share these sweet poems about a  little boy and a little girl I found in a book I’ve been reading called A Treasured Friendship by Carrie Bender (original poet Mary Springfield). What a cute little shower gift you could share with anyone who’s expecting or has children.

via The Graphics Fairy

A Boy

A boy is a grin,

A tooth out in front.

A tousled-haired, freckle-faced,

Cute little runt.

A where and a what, a why and a when.

So neat, oh so good,

Then he’s ornery again.

A boy is a noise,

A whistle, a yell,

A jet-propelled whirlwind,

Blowing pell-mell,

Endearing, enchanting, lovable, sweet.

A boy is a stomach…

His first thought is eat.

via Vintage Holiday Crafts

A Girl
A girl is an angel with slightly bent wings,

Her halo askew, she skips as she sings.

A girl is sweet laughter with innocent eyes.

She gets what she’s after, so young, yet so wise!

Crisp ruffled dresses, above dirty knees,

Gazing at blue skies, from under the trees.

A wink and a dimple, now gay and now sad.

A girl is a weapon, her first target is Dad!

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!


2 thoughts on “Boys and Girls…

  1. csgbaker says:

    Love the poems, Allison. My favorite line is the last one “A girl is a weapon, her first target is Dad!” Oh so true. Having had two boys, I can say it works the other way as well. A sweet mystery entwines the hearts of sons to their mothers. 🙂 Just wait!

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