Wordless{ish} Wednesday: A Book for Baby

I’ve been on the lookout for an inexpensive baby book for the past few weeks and was sorely disappointed at not only the exorbitant price of some of the books I found online, but also the lack of variety in the design of the books I found in the stores. Many places I looked, my choices were blue for boy, pink for girl, and that was it.

I also looked on Etsy hoping to find a vintage baby book, but even the unused ones I really liked were a little worn from years of storage, and some were even more expensive than brand new ones.

My last effort to locate a baby book was really just on a whim. I stopped by Barnes and Noble to see what they had in stock. There were only five baby books in the parenting section and two of them were grandparent-specific, so I began to be disheartened. Until I saw this…

by F. Warne & Co. ($11 at Barnes and Noble)

We’re doing a woodland animal theme in the nursery (and I use the word “theme” loosely since it consists of me hanging a few pictures), so I thought bunnies and mice fit perfectly into that. Plus, I’ve always loved Peter Rabbit (I guess I could relate to his innate nosiness).

The book covers the first year milestones, includes a family tree, and also has a sweet little keepsake pocket for a lock of baby’s hair and other mementos. Of course, it was the adorable illustrations that really sold me.

There was an old mouse who lived in a shoe…

Dapper Papa Bunny…

Five Baby Bunnies and Counting…

A Cat in a Dress and Apron…C’mon! How could I resist?

Now to the fun part…filling it out. Double-sided scrapbook squares and no-smear pen, here I come!


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