These are our classy faces.

Obsessing over: Teen Wolf. I almost feel stupid admitting this, but who cares? Werewolves are awesome! I had the first season in my Netflix queue for a few months and kept skipping over it because I remembered how cheesy the movies were and was afraid it would be lame. I could not have been more wrong. Ryan and I finished the first season in one weekend, and I’ve since caught up on the current season online. All I can say is…this show ain’t ya preteen sister’s shirtless Taylor Lautner pining over Kristen Stewart mess…

Working on: Injecting some passion into the blog. You may have noticed The Tuesday Ten and Wordless{ish} Wednesday have not appeared this week and that’s because they are both on indefinite hiatus. I was starting to dread coming up with those posts each week, and there’s really no reason to dread a blog where you can write about anything you want. (Unless of course, you loved those features so much that you want to sponsor them each week. Then, we can talk.)

I’m reading a book called Mom, Inc. right now, and I’m hoping it will help me recalibrate the blog into what I’ve always wanted it to be…an encouragement to people, in particular women, who don’t want income or lack thereof to restrict what they want to do with their lives or their families.

Thinking about: see answer above.

Anticipating: My brother’s wedding. It’s about a week and a half away, and I think I’m just as excited as he and his fiancee are. His fiancee is the sweetest girl, and she’s very thrifty, so we get along very well. I’m excited to have her officially join our family.

Listening to: Eden’s Edge. My best friend, Holly, turned me onto this group about a month ago, and I’ve pretty much worn out my copy of their CD. Hannah Blaylock’s voice has a hauntingly beautiful quality to it, and Cherrill Green on the mandolin and banjo give their music an otherworldly feel. “Too Good to Be True” is my absolute favorite of theirs right now.

Eating: Blazin’ Buffalo Ranch Doritos and/or Pringles. I know, I know…both of these are terrible for me, but I’ll chock it up to cravings for spicy/salty food. Don’t worry, I’m eating plenty of nutritious meals and other snacks the rest of the time.

Wishing: I always have trouble with this one because I feel really blessed to have the husband, job, friends, family, and life that I do, so I’ll do a non-serious one. I wish I could get advanced copies of the rest of this season of Teen Wolf. I think I have a problem… LOL

How about you? What are you up to today? Feel free to do your own “currently” post on your blog and link back in the comments!


8 thoughts on “Currently…

  1. celestevaughan says:

    About 2 weeks ago, Trevor sat and watched every episode of Teen Wolf on Netflix. I don’t know how many episodes there were, but he was on the couch almost non-stop for 3 days! But it’s summer. I let him have it. 😉

    • Allison says:

      Thanks, Lynn! Can’t wait to read yours. Mom Inc is an easy read and really reinforces what every mom working from home needs to remember to be successful.

  2. alyciawmorales says:

    Let me know if baby ends up liking hot sauce or potato chips. LOL. I craved sweet stuff when pregnant with my youngest. He’s 7 now and has a wicked sweet tooth. The one thing I couldn’t eat with any of my 4 pregnancies? Salad. I craved it, but ever time I ate it morning sickness attacked. Nasty. 😦 Are you unable to eat anything?

    • Allison says:

      Alycia, thankfully eating has not been a problem since the morning sickness went away. I just get a craving for something salty or spicy once a day and those two chips seem to satisfy it. I’m still making sure to get plenty of nutrients in my meals and other snacks.

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