Thrifty and Nifty: {Guest Post} Tips for Staying on a Budget

7 tips to stay on budget

These days everyone is looking to save a few bucks. While our bills continue to go up,  it seems our cash flow goes down. So how do you manage to square away some much-needed cash? Here are seven proven methods.

One: Keep What You Have

One of the simplest ways of saving money is to keep what you have. Certainly we all have to pay our bills and maintain other living expenses, but usually there is something (albeit a small amount) left over. If you do not think so then consider how much money is spent on things like coffee and doughnuts (from your local coffee shop), fast food, junk food, takeout, pizzas, and snacks. It all adds up!

Rather than spending your money on those items, keep it.

Two: Look for the deals

Most grocery stores run sales on items we use every day. Keep a watchful eye out for them in your Sunday paper or local flyers. There are tons of items you could purchase for a lot less than you think.

Don’t be too proud to buy generic versions of common food items. Usually the only difference is that they lack the name brand of the more expensive stuff. Many times, they come from the exact same factory as name brands.

Three: Cut Coupons

This is a no brainer. However, you would be surprised how few people actually use coupons. It’s like throwing away good money. If you know of anyone throwing away their coupons, ask them if you can have them instead.

Head onto the Internet and do a search for “free coupons”. You will find many different web sites with free coupons you can print out. Some require registration, but that is about it.

Four: Dollar Stores

Some might think dollar stores are just full of cheap items no one really uses, but they would be dead wrong. Most dollar stores carry items we all use every day. Many of these items are recognizable name brands. So, take a moment and check out your local dollar store. You might be surprised what you find there.

Five: Wholesale Clubs

For a small yearly fee, you can join any of a number of wholesale clubs. There you will find everyday items in bulk. While you may not have need of a fifty-pound jar of mayonnaise there are plenty of other goods you may wish to purchase. This is a cost-effective method of buying what you need while saving a few bucks in the process.

Six: Consumer Appreciation Letters

Are there products such as foods you really enjoy? Why not write a letter to the manufacturer and let them know about it. Not only does this provides them with much needed feedback, but the will usually reward your efforts with coupons. The letter does not have to be lengthy. You just something short and sweet telling them how much you enjoy their product.

Seven: Start a Family Piggy Bank

Get a large jar or other container and have each member of the family place whatever spare change he or she have in their pockets into it at the end of each day. Wait until the amount grows to about one hundred dollars or so, then, once a month, take a small portion of that money out to have a family get-together. You could go to the movies, out to eat, order pizza, or any other family-oriented activity.

This is not only a great way for the whole family to take responsibility for saving money, but it also promotes unity by having them get together as a group one a month.


Erica Benson is a mother of two, trying to save money wherever she can. Her saving money doesn’t end with day-to-day expenses. When her husband Paul and her needed a new rate on health insurance, they checked out for the best deal. 

Today’s guest post was provided by Guest Post U, a guest bloggers collective. **All opinions and endorsements are those of the guest blogger’s and do not reflect the opinions or endorsements of the owner of this blog.**

3 thoughts on “Thrifty and Nifty: {Guest Post} Tips for Staying on a Budget

  1. Cathy Baker says:

    Another great post, Allison. I’ve gotten a bit lazy in recent months when it comes to clipping coupons (leave it to me to stumble on the ‘no brainer’) — but your post has jump-started my interest (and common sense) again!

  2. Abby says:

    We saved change in a bottle until it was nearly full and cashed it in recently and it was $37! Change really adds up. We put it towards our grocery bill that week 🙂

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