The Tuesday Ten: {Summer Reading List}

I’m sure you’ve realized I never chose a book for May’s book club, but between morning sickness and other fun things associated with pregnancy, I wasn’t doing much reading other than what’s on my app.

For June, July, and August, I’ll be reading a few books, both fiction and non-fiction, so see if any of these are on your summer reading list as well, or make suggestions in the comments below for great summer reads. (Click on the titles to find on Amazon.)

{Currently Reading}:

1. Bringing Up Bebe: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting by Pamela Druckerman:  My mom picked this one up for me for my birthday because besides being obsessed with French culture, (I mean all they do is eat bread and cheese and they never get fat!) my latest fixation is on how to be a calm parent. I have a pretty high-strung personality and tend to worry way too much. This book is all about the French method of using intuition to know what’s good for your child and remaining calm during the typically stressful moments of raising children. Also worth mentioning, the author notes that the French children she encountered while living in France were polite, didn’t throw tantrums, and weren’t picky eaters. They also slept through the night at two or three months old. Now that’s a parenting system I want to know more about!

2. Dance of the Dandelion by Dina Sleiman: I downloaded this book a few months ago, but found it hard to want to stare at a computer screen after a long day of doing that already, so I bought the actual book at the writer’s conference a few weeks ago. I met Dina two years ago at the Blue Ridge Conference and got to know her as a person, before I knew her as a writer. She doesn’t disappoint in either category. I’m not usually drawn to novels set in the medieval period, but it’s a testament to Dina’s writing skills that I was instantly whisked into the world of Dandelion Dering, a English peasant whose dreams for better life outside her village cloud her judgement when it comes to finding true happiness. I’m almost halfway finished with this riveting story, and I’m thirsty for more.

3. Amish Values for Your Family by Suzanne Woods FisherTo say I have eclectic taste in books would be an understatement, but I like to gather interesting ideas from all over when it comes to things like parenting, especially since I’ve never done it before. This book is an easy read, divided into small chapters, each with stories from real Amish families and a little lesson to learn for the “English”. I love that Amish children value their families, hard work, and are not materialistic, but don’t worry, I have no plans to make our baby grow a beard or change his/her name to Zechariah.

4. Love Finds You in Sunset Beach by Robin Jones Gunn: In general, I tend to avoid what’s classified as romance fiction, but I made an exception for this one because I grew up with the main character. When I was in high school, I devoured the Sierra Jensen series, also by Gunn, and was excited to see that this book picks up after Sierra is an adult. Visiting Hawaii for the wedding of her ex-boyfriend, Sierra quickly realizes her sister (who’s also her ex-boyfriend’s sister-in-law) only invited her to babysit her toddler while she and her husband attend the wedding. Awkward, much? So far, Sierra has just met her potential love interest, but one thing I’ve always loved about Robin Jones Gunn is that her love stories aren’t sappy or predictable. I’m interested to see where this new attraction will lead.

5. The Naked Mom by Brooke Burke: Despite the title, this book is not about how to look like Brooke Burke after giving birth to four children. The word “naked” refers to her transparency as she shares the joys and struggles of raising a bigger than average family while balancing a bigger than average career. It begins with her stint on Dancing with the Stars, which wasn’t as easy as we were led to believe, and covers everything from mental and physical well-being during pregnancy, birth, and raising children to her favorite meals, beauty products, and advice for keeping the romance alive in your relationship with your spouse.

{Yet to Read}:

6. The Baby Cheapskate Guide to Bargains by Angela Wynne: My best friend, Holly, gave me this book and #5 on the list for my birthday as well. I haven’t started this one yet, but it looks very easy to read and has guides for what to register for, how to save on diapers and other necessities, and things you might not really need.

7. Rooms by James Rubart: When software tycoon, Micah Taylor, receives a letter telling him his great uncle, whom he never met, built a home especially for him, he’s intrigued enough to check it out in hopes of selling the house once he gets there. Then strange things start happening in the house…Dun Dun Dun. If the creep factor of that description doesn’t hook you, then I don’t know if we can be friends. 🙂 I haven’t started this yet, but needless to say I’ll be reading it in the daylight hours.

{These last three books will be checked out from the library, so since I don’t have their descriptions in front of me, I’ll let you read the Amazon description. Just click on the titles.}

8. Swamplandia by Karen Russell 

9. Vaclav & Lena by Haley Tanner

10. Rules of Civility by Amor Towles

I’ve heard rave reviews on NPR for #8, 9, & 10, so I hope they live up to the hype.

So, what are you reading this summer? If you’ve read any of the titles I mentioned today, come back and let us know on the book club page.

Happy Reading!


12 thoughts on “The Tuesday Ten: {Summer Reading List}

  1. Alycia Morales says:


    Rooms is one of my all-time favorite books. It’s intriguing. It’s not horrible scary, either, FYI. You could read it anytime and not be too startled. I hope you (and Cathy) enjoy it! Have you read any other of Jim’s novels? I recommend them all. 😉

    And, I want to read Dina’s book. I’ll have to find a copy…it was great meeting her this year!

    • Allison says:

      Alycia, you’ll love Dina’s book! It’s one of the most original stories I’ve read in a while.

      As for James’ books, I have a feeling I’ll be hooked on his writing after “Rooms”. 🙂

    • Allison says:

      Dina, I’m loving the story. Dandelion is a very complicated girl. 🙂 Which who isn’t? Can’t wait to finish it, but I’ll be a little sad when it’s over too.

  2. Jenny says:

    I’ve heard about Bringing Up Bebe, and it sounds quite terrific. It seems like I heard that the author mentions not overwhelming kids with tons of toys and “stuff”, but letting them discover objects and beauty in the world around them.

    I’m reading two books right now. (I don’t know why I do that!) One is a biography of the lovely Myrna Loy, and the other is called The Queen’s Pawn, which is about Eleanor of Aquitaine and Princess Alais. Enjoying both books and all the girl-power so far. 🙂

    • Allison says:

      Jenny, I read 5 books at a time, so no judging here. 🙂 Who’s the author of the Myrna Loy book? I’d be interested in reading that one as well. Too many books to choose from!

      • Jenny says:

        Emily W. Leider is the author. My schedule is crazy, so I’m reading this book during my lunch break at work, which is taking forever! I can’t wait to finally finish it, though. Myrna Loy is one of my most favorite women EVER.

  3. csgbaker says:

    I plan to read Jim Rubart’s book first and foremost — and possibly using it as the first pick for a book club, if the group comes to fruition. I also appreciate that Rooms has an accompanying bible study if we want to take it a step further. 🙂 Great choices, Allison!

    • Allison says:

      Cathy, I have heard amazing things about Rubart’s book since it came out and I got him to sign it at Blue Ridge. Can’t wait to read it. I’d be curious to know how the study goes. Keep me posted.

  4. Abby says:

    I’ve heard a lot of good things about “Bringing up Bebe.” This summer I hope to finish the Hunger Games triology, and the few I have left by Janet Evanovich. I also am wanting to order “Bloom” and “Two Kisses for Maddy” which were written by two of my favorite bloggers. They both sound awesome.. especially after reading their blogs. I also want to get “Bringing up Girls” by James Dobson. Since I have two girls I’m sure I can use the advice, and I like that its Christian-based. Some of my other faves I have read lately are “Signs of Life” by Natalie Taylor and “Promises to Keep” by Jane Green.

    • Allison says:

      Sounds like you have a fun summer of reading ahead, Abby. I always get a giggle when people recommend Jane Green books b/c that’s my mom’s name. She’s still waiting on those royalty checks, but I guess you have to be the one who actually wrote the book. 🙂

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