The Tuesday Ten: {Favorite Beauty Products}

If you’ve been reading The Budget Maven for very long, you know my philosophy on beauty products: You get what you pay for. Beauty products are one of the few things I’m willing to spend a few extra bucks on if I know they work well and there isn’t a comparable “knock-off” version. I love sharing things that have worked great for me with you guys, so below are my ten favorite products of the moment, each of varying prices.

1. Suave Keratin Infusion Shampoo ($2.87 at Target): Proof that Nicole Richie can make me buy anything…I saw a commercial for this shampoo during an episode of Fashion Star, and since Nicole’s hair was shiny and bouncy, I thought the commercial’s claims must be true. For once, I was correct. I usually begin “shedding” this time of year anyway, but throw some crazy pregnancy hormones in the mix, and it looks like I’ve killed a small squirrel in the drain every time I take a shower. This shampoo seems to be keeping what little hair I have left in tact and as promised by Nicole, bouncy and shiny.

2. 2 Chic Brazilian Keratin & Argan Oil Ultra-Sleek Conditioner ($6 at Target): I figured Keratin must be the answer to all my current hair woes, so when I saw this at Target, I knew I’d need to use it in addition to the Keratin Shampoo. There was a $2 coupon attached to the bottle which I was able to use at purchase, so that sealed the deal for me. It smells really nice and makes my hair feel really soft. I’m hoping once the 2nd trimester hormones take over, I’ll get those long, luscious locks everyone keeps promising me I’ll get. Until then, it’s Keratin overdose time.

3. Perfectly Posh Detox Body Mud Stripper (Perfectly Posh $22): This vanilla-scented clay mask was a discovery I made at a Perfectly Posh beauty party. Normally, I’m a little wary of jumping on the bandwagon for a beauty line you have to purchase through a sales rep, but I’ve been very pleased with all the products I bought at the party. This mask is great for cleaning out your pores and eliminating free-radicals from your skin. I also like that all the products from this company are paraben and paraffin-free, which means my skin will not age prematurely when I use them.

4. Alba Botanica Hawaiian Cocktail Body Wash ($8 at Target): Another side-effect of pregnancy, at least for me, seems to be very dry skin. This body wash is super-moisturizing and smells like an island getaway. My sense of smell has also been heightened, so I needed something that wasn’t an overpowering scent. I’m waiting for my x-ray vision to kick in any day now.

5. The Liberator: Vitamin E Stick (Perfectly Posh $12): While I’m not a paid spokesperson for Perfectly Posh, if they asked, I wouldn’t turn them down. They can even pay me in products. Ha! Anyway, this little stick makes a perfect lip balm, dry patch treatment, or, in my case, preventative measure for crow’s feet. I usually slather it around the corner of my eyes or where smile lines are beginning to form around my mouth before I go to bed.

6. Oh, Peaches Super Fabulous Sugar Lip Scrub (Perfectly Posh $12): This scrub is a great way to slough off any dry skin on your lips and re-moisturize them in one step. You just rub it over your lips and wipe away with a warm, wet cloth and what’s left behind are smooth, conditioned lips.

7. Loreal Double-Extend Mascara ($10 at CVS): Two words: Beauty Tubes. This double-layered mascara coats your lashes and creates a little tube around each lash so they look long and voluminous.

8. Rubby Scrubby Foot Exfoliator (Perfectly Posh$16): There is nothing better than soft, smooth feet for summertime sandal weather. The best feature of this product is that it’s contained in a neat little twistable tube, so no need to get exfoliator all over your hands in the shower. You just pop the top, and rub the stick over your tootsies. The light peppermint scent makes it feel like a spa treatment. Follow up with the next product in the list.

9. Playing Footsie Soothing Stick (Perfectly Posh $16): After you use Rubby Scrubby in the shower, take this nifty little balm stick and smooth over your heels for super-soft, minty fresh feet. It’s really best to do this at night when you can slip into some socks and let the balm soak into your skin.

10. Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer ($32 at Sephora): I saved the most expensive, but best product for last. I became hooked on this stuff ever since I tried a trial-sized sample and have searched for years to find a tinted moisturizer or foundation comparable to Stila’s version to no avail. I’m fairly certain they must use fairy dust or fountain of youth technology to make it. Whatever they use, it protects your skin from harmful UV rays, creates a glowing complexion, and can be worn alone or under foundation if you need a little more coverage.

What about you? What are some of your favorite beauty products of the moment?


6 thoughts on “The Tuesday Ten: {Favorite Beauty Products}

  1. Abby says:

    You are going to have to teach me how to number things like that.. I wish I was a “fancy” blogger, ha! 🙂

  2. Nicole Saunders says:

    Allison–it was a pleasure meeting you at Noel’s party! I am so glad to see you are enjoying your Perfectly Posh products! If anyone is interested, you can shop directly from my site:

    We currently have a new Summerlicious set out in our Lemon Rice (coconut lemongrass) fragrance that includes: Aloe Vera veil, Body Splash, Shimmer Lotion, and Dry Toe Oil spray.

    Check out my fanpage here:

    BTW–if you enjoy it that much, you should consider becoming a consultant! : )

    Happy Poshing!

  3. Terry says:

    Thanks for the product info – I’m going to try that mascara! Products I LOVE – Clinique’s Chubby Sticks for lips. Moisturizing, light, beautiful light colors for summer! Also, Bare Minerals foundation makeup – lightweight, airy, but covers even my roseacea!

    • Allison says:

      Terry, I’ve wanted to try Bare Minerals for a while now but didn’t know anyone who used it. I’ll definitely have to try it now…your skin is beautiful!

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