The Tuesday Ten: {Things My Mother Taught Me}

Continuing with the Mother’s Day theme, here are ten invaluable lessons my own mother taught me.

1. Fresh air is good for the soul. Play outside.

2. Always say please and thank you.

3. Treat others the way you’d like to be treated.

4. Seek to understand a person’s point of view before jumping to conclusions about their motives.

5. Read like it’s going out of style.

6. Dream, and dream big.

7. Boredom is a great tool for growing your creativity.

8. Try new things. You can always quit later if you don’t like it, but give things a try.

9. The ponytail was invented for bad hair days. Whip it up!

10. Kindness matters.

What about you? What lessons did your mother teach you that still stick with you?


7 thoughts on “The Tuesday Ten: {Things My Mother Taught Me}

  1. Abby says:

    My Mom always taught me to respect myself. That people associate you with who you hang out with, so choose friends wisely. That I would be lucky to count on one hand my TRUE friends when I grew up (so true.) To always make the effort to look nice for my husband. All of these have been very true I have found.

  2. Jane Green says:

    Here are a few sayings taught from mothers in the past. They have a lot of meaning if you think about them and apply.

    1. There is no great loss without some small gain.
    2. Waste not, want not.
    3. A job worth doing is worth doing well.

  3. csgbaker says:

    Oh, the wisdom shared in this post! I don’t remember much advice (which explains a lot) but here a few that come to mind:

    1. Always respond with “Yes, ma’am” or a “No, sir” – no “yea’s” allowed.
    2. Don’t brag on yourself.
    3. And one cannot forget this timely advice: Never set a glass on a wooden table – coasters are a must. To this day, you’ll find coasters on every wooden table in my house.

    Now I’m wondering what I advice I gave our boys. Thank goodness for grandchildren!

  4. Jenny says:

    My mom taught me:

    1. Only boring people get bored.
    2. Dirty dishes can wait.
    3. Art is essential…just not on the walls without permission.
    4. The best music ever until the end of time: 1960s Motown

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