With Mother’s Day less than a week away, I thought it fitting to take a moment or two to celebrate my own mom.

Mom and Me in Savannah. I know…we are ridiculously good looking. πŸ™‚

Almost 31 years ago, the clouds parted and the birds chirped, and a big white stork dropped me off on my mom’s doorstep. Wait…you mean that’s not how it actually happens?

Anyway, I was a really fussy baby who cried to be fed every hour and a half (wow! not much has changed), but my mom maintains to this day that despite her lack of sleep and not really knowing how to comfort me, she cherished the time she had to rock me back to sleep each time I woke up screaming. (She must have been crazy from sleep deprivation.)

She worked third shift when I was in grade school, but I still remember her picking me up from school each afternoon and listening intently as I rambled on about what happened that day.

Later, when she decided to homeschool my brother and me, she gave up an extra income and the prestige that seems to come from working outside the home in order to provide us a faith-based education.

When it was time for me to go to college, she encouraged me to follow my dream at the time, which led me to a college far, far away from home. Even though she and my dad weren’t quite sure where the money for my tuition would come from each semester, they made sacrifices, some of which I’ll probably never know about, in order to help me graduate debt-free.

After college, when my Communications degree wasn’t getting me anywhere in the job market, my mom encouraged me to think outside the box and pursue a career in teaching.

When the stress of standardized testing finally motivated me to pursue yet another career choice, my mom didn’t judge me or tell me I needed to learn to stick to one thing for more than five years. She reminded me to look at my new situation as an opportunity to challenge myself and grow more into the person I was meant to be.

Mom has been there through my successes, failures, heartaches, and heartbreaks and through it all she’s remained a steadfast source of support and wisdom.

So for all those times you sacrificed your time, money, sanity, and probably a million other things I’ll never even think about…Mom, I want to say Thank You!

I love you!


Congratulations to Terry McCree, last week’s winner of the Wordless{ish} Wednesday Writing prompt! You can read her winning entry here.


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