The Ultimate Blog Party and Wordless{ish} Wednesday Writing Prompt

This week I’m linking up with for their Ultimate Blog Party. This is my first year, but from everything I’m hearing, it’s a fantastic way to meet new bloggers and find cool blogs to follow. Plus, they have a ton of events going on this week and lots of prizes you can register for. Check it out and link up here: {The Ultimate Blog Party}.

Hello new friends! My name is Allison. I started blogging way back in June of 2010 after I quit my teaching job to pursue writing as a career. I’ve written one novel and am currently pursuing publication while I’m working on a 2nd novel. Who knew the process would take so long, but it’s been an interesting journey, and I’m sure it will continue to be. I began this blog as a way to cope with giving up my income to chase after my dream and to motivate both my husband and myself to reduce our debt. The blog has evolved into a fun place to share all the cool things I’m learning, things I’m loving, and hopefully provide encouragement for others who want to live on less in style. I love my husband and my family, nail art, clothes, all things vintage, anything to do with pop culture, and I’m a sucker for those mini double fudge donuts at Starbucks.

The hottie on the rock is my husband, Ryan. We’ve been married for almost three years, together for four. He is my best friend and a fellow lover of puns and corny jokes. We spend most of our time laughing together over our mutual dorkiness or talking about what we heard on NPR.

Jack is technically our neighbor’s dog, but spends so much time in our yard, we’ve claimed joint custody. The best thing is that we get to enjoy his presence without paying for dog food or vet bills. Sadly, our neighbors are selling their house, so he may be leaving us soon. We’ll just have to make the most of our time with him until they move.

Thanks so much for visiting! Welcome, and enjoy yourself! I’m always thrilled to meet other bloggers, so please tell me a little about yourself and your blog in the comments section.

You can also find me on twitter // Facebook // Pinterest // Polyvore // Instagram(thebudgetmaven).  

{Here are some links I recommend checking out}: Our Story // Budget Minis // Thrifty & Nifty series

Feel free to also take part in this week’s Wordless{ish} Wednesday Writing Prompt Challenge:

In 30 words or less, write the opening sentence(s) to a story based on the photo below. It can be humorous, scary, dramatic, or whatever you like. Just write your sentence in the comments section, and I’ll pick a winner by next Monday.

Happy Writing!


5 thoughts on “The Ultimate Blog Party and Wordless{ish} Wednesday Writing Prompt

  1. Lisa says:

    She stood there anxiously waiting. Something must have happened. Where was he? Suddenly, the tears started falling as she was flooded with memories of the other times they came here. 

  2. tknopp09 says:

    “As water spontaneously spewed from his solid stone monument, Jessepi thanked God for His miracle, though he wondered if his aquagenic urticariac employers would see it that way.”
    aquagenic urticaria = water allergy (not sure it’s ever been used as an adjective though). Silly sentence, I know, but thanks for giving an opportunity to get the creative juices flowing.

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