Wordless{ish} Wednesday: End of an Era

Once upon a time there was a great little show set in the fictitious town of Tree Hill, NC.

Nine dramatic, funny, heart-warming, and heart-wrenching seasons later, it's all coming to an end.

Tonight marks the end of a television era for me—the last episode of One Tree Hill. I’ve watched this show since my senior year of college, and although I was in and out of several of the middle seasons, I’ve since caught up on Netflix and loved every second. Here were some of my favorite moments.

My best friend, Holly, is coming over tonight to watch the final episode with me. We  have been so depressed about the show ending, which I realize sounds ridiculous coming from two grown women, but we don’t care. We grew up with these characters. We’ve been through breakups (on screen and in real life) with these people. We’ve fallen in love at the same time Peyton and Luke finally got their act together to make their relationship work. We’ve screamed when Dan killed Keith and shouted for joy when Brooke finally got her Prince Charming (Julian) and the family she always wanted. It’s been an amazing ride!

When the last scene of the series airs tonight, Holly and I’ll be the ones sobbing into our pint of Heath Bar Crunch ice cream and exclaiming, in a moment of self-discovery, that we in fact don’t want to be anything other than ourselves just like the characters of our beloved show taught us.

Predictions for the final episode (or at least what I’d like to see happen):

  • A Clay-Quinn wedding because there has to be some event for the whole gang to be together one last time.
  • Karen returns for some final words of wisdom for Brooke and Haley.
  • Everyone’s together at the River Court one last time.
  • This won’t happen but… Peyton and Lucas return with Sawyer to see everyone.

Have you ever loved a show that you were sad to see end? If you watch OTH, what do you hope happens in the finale?


2 thoughts on “Wordless{ish} Wednesday: End of an Era

  1. Holly Hamrick says:

    Ugh. I DO not want to see a Clay/Quinn wedding. It think having the get engaged in last week’s episode was plenty. Obvioulsy, I’m not a fan of Quinn. I think the ending should focus on the original characters. I also can’t believe we didn’t get to see a Mouth/Miley engagement of some sort. They are such a sweet little couple! Looking forward to watching it with you tonight!!!

    • Allison says:

      I really don’t mind Quinn, but I don’t even remember them mentioning Haley had a sister until she showed up in season 7. Maybe they’ll do a double wedding with Clay/Quinn & Mouth & Millie. 🙂 see you tonight!

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