Steppin’ Out

We had a fun weekend out, so I thought it’d be cool to link up with Harper’s Happenings for a Steppin’ Out post.

Cropped Jacket:Kohls // Tank: Target // Jeans: Banana Republic Outlet // Necklace & Earrings: Lia Sophia // Shoes: Ross // Clutch:Fossil









I fell in love with this pair of Nine West zebra heels when I spotted them at Ross last year. Not very practical, but they sure are cute! I wanted to show you a close-up the necklace here too since it’s hard to see in the full length shot. The necklace and earrings were free for hosting a Lia Sophia party last summer.

I tried a press-on nail polish manicure from Sally Hansen and finished off my “look” with what I think was designed to be a makeup bag from Fossil, but the design was too cool not to use it as a clutch.

We went out to dinner Friday and were planning to see 21 Jump Street afterwards, but since we figured the movie theater would be packed on opening night, we decided to wait until Saturday afternoon. As someone who watched the television show (and owns the official tv soundtrack—a $2 thrift store find) and loved it, I have to say this movie does not in any way resemble or do justice to the original series. The few laughs that were in the movie—all of which were in the trailer, so save yourself the time and money—hardly made it worth putting up with the foul language used throughout, which I suspect was due to the lack of a decent storyline and lazy writers. I’m hoping next weekend at the movies, where we’ll be seeing The Hunger Games (finally!), will make up for this experience.

Saturday morning, I went shopping with my friend, Dena, and we found some really good deals.

I picked up this lovely plate at Anthropologie for eight bucks and think it brings out the freckles in our overripe bananas nicely.

It was time for some new makeup as well, so I splurged a little at Sephora and picked up some Stila Illuminating Tinted Mositurizer and a NARS multiple. Click here to see why these are so splurge-worthy.









I had enough Sephora beauty points saved up to get a free gift as well—a Bare Minerals mini lipgloss. Cha-ching!

Ryan made delicious maple pancakes and bacon Sunday morning before we stayed in to watch our church’s Sunday service via their internet campus for the first time. Pretty cool!

What did you guys do this weekend?


4 thoughts on “Steppin’ Out

  1. Abby says:

    Ok I know I’m going way back here, but I am catching up. I swear your kitchen floors were the same ones my grandmother had in her kitchen!!! So cool. And I love that you say your kitchen is “vintage.” We have an old home too and similar looking kitchen. We actually had a TURQUOISE oven until this past year when we had to get a new one because it died. Gotta love quirky kitchens! 😉

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