The Tuesday Ten: Hair Envy

As I shared in my 11 things post, I’ve always wanted to have long, luscious locks cascading over my shoulders in natural auburn waves like a hair waterfall. Until they make a pill for that, I’ll just have to covet the locks of others. Today’s Tuesday Ten is all about the hair.

1. Ashley Greene: This girl looks beautiful no matter her hairstyle, but her long locks give me a serious case of hair envy. I’m sure it doesn’t hurt to have the sun glow upon your crowning glory like a halo either. If only we could all afford an professional photographer.

Image via & Allure Magazine

2. Jessica Chastain: Hollywood’s newest “It” girl has definitely got the elegant, whisk-me-to-an-Oscar-party look down pat. I love the effortlessness of this style or at least the appearance that she just woke up that way.

image via

3. Zooey Deschanel: As if being in a new hit tv show, “The New Girl”, and an awesome little band called “She & Him” wasn’t enough, this quirky actress gets my vote for best bangs.

image via

4. Bethany Joy Galeotti: No list is ever complete without one or two One Tree Hill cast members, and today is no exception. BJG, as true fans like myself call her, can pull off almost any style, but I love her natural curl and color this season.

image via Zooey Magazine

5. Lauren Conrad: I still have mixed feelings about the whole dark on top-light on bottom look, but if anyone can pull it off, LC can.

image via

6. Lauren Conrad: Yes, she made the list twice. You would have too if you could pull off every look this former “The Hills” star and best-selling author seems to do so easily. I’ve never been brave enough to try multicolor hair, but LC makes me believe it could be chic.

image via

7. Amy Heidemann: One part of the YouTube singing sensation, Karmin, this pretty songstress also offers simple and easy hair tutorials on YouTube. She has a really cool curling iron technique in this video that I’m just dying to try. Natural Looking Curls She’s pictured below with a more demure style.

image via

8. Sophia Bush: While her character, Brooke Davis, has faced more turmoil than any fictional heroine ever should, actress Sophia Bush takes it all in stride and great style. I love this 40’s look on her.

image via

9. Reese Witherspoon: Personally, I prefer long hair, but at the same time I really wish I could pull of a great short haircut like America’s Sweetheart.

image via

10. Ashley Judd: Like Reese, Ashley Judd could pull off just about any look, but I loved her hair in the movie “Someone Like You”. Hugh Jackman’s hair gets an honorable mention as well, only because it’s thicker than mine. 😦

image via

What about you? Which style is your favorite, and which one(s) are you just dying to try?


4 thoughts on “The Tuesday Ten: Hair Envy

  1. Celeste Martin Vaughan says:

    I can SOOOO relate to this post! My hair is like baby hair, very fine and very straight. I’ve coveted long luscious locks my entire life, and I always have a perm to make the effort. Just know that I’m right there with ya girl!

    • Allison G. Martin says:

      Thanks for the support, Celeste! You totally had me fooled with your perm though. I thought you had natural curls, and I sort of hated you for it. 🙂 Now I know it’s all just a very convincing facade. Whew!

  2. carol anne swett says:

    I would just really like to know why my picture is not in this group? Because I just KNOW you REALLY want a head full of my curly, graying, slowly turning to wire brush-like hair. I will wear a bag over my head at Thursday’s meeting so I am not too distracting for you. Friends do that for each other. At least really loving ones like me. ;-)))))

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