The Tuesday Ten

Welcome to a new feature on The Budget Maven: The Tuesday Ten. Every week, the Tuesday Ten will feature ten things that are either the best (or worst) of their category (pop culture, fashion, food, beauty, movies, books, etc.).

To start us out right, this week’s Tuesday Ten is:

“The Perfect 10: Nail Art”

Nail art is an easy, inexpensive way to show off your creativity and accessorize. Here are my top ten favorite looks to try.

Tiffany & Co. Blue: This is the closest I’ll ever get to owning something this color.


Tiffany & Co. Blue w/ Design: Even the unsteadiest of hands could handle this simple design.


Houndstooth: Sally Hansen Press On Nail Color takes the work out of painting cool designs on your nails.


Glitter and Gold: Great for New Year’s or even for a golden summer look.


Lace: Nothing is prettier than lace.


Vintage Flowers: I’m assuming this is a press-on design, but either way it’s beautiful.


Newspaper: Read all about it! Tutorial below.

Source (Tutorial)

Color Combos & Multi-Design: Mix and match colors and patterns for a truly unique look.


Animal Print: Love this colorful take on a classic leopard design. Some assistance may be required. 


Overachiever: For those with a lot of time on their hands, pun intended. 🙂


Which is your favorite look?

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