Love, Love, Love

In honor of Valentine’s day, I decided to share some of the things I’m loving right now:

photo courtesy of The Stock Solution

Valentine’s Breakfast Idea via The Paper Mama: Bacon Hearts

click on the link below for directions from The Paper Mama

For a quick giggle: The Ryan Gosling Hey Girl series

Whether you’re a fan of The Notebook’s lead actor or not, these photos’ clever captions are sure to provide a stress relieving laugh whenever you need one. Below are two of my favorites.

photo from Handmade Ryan Gosling on tumblr

I'm glad Ryan Gosling knows I'm a true trendsetter.

The Paper Mama blog:

photo courtesy of The Paper Mama

This creative young mom provides advice and ideas for thrifting, crafting, and features awesome and easy to follow hairstyle tutorials for creating no-heat curl and unusual braids. It also doesn’t hurt that her baby, named Laureli & called Ruari (yes, like on Gilmore Girls) is completely adorable. 🙂

The Civil Wars: 


I remember Joy Williams when she was singing Christian pop in her teens but never guessed she was the other half of this folksy duo when they first hit the scene. She’s all grown up now, and her sound works perfectly with John Paul White’s mournful, yet melodic voice. While “Forget Me Not” is my favorite from their most recent album, Barton Hollow, the video for the title track is a novel waiting to be written and I absolutely love the fur wrap Joy wears in the video. Check it out:

What about you? What is warming your heart these days? Share your current loves below.

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