15 Minutes to a More Organized Life

This time of year always seems to ignite an urge within me to organize every area of our home. Normal clutter, I would usually ignore, taunts me as I walk from one room to another and the handles of the two junk drawers (yes, we have two) in the kitchen appear to be bending down, frowning at me disapprovingly.

For me, the desire to de-clutter stems from wanting a fresh start as the new year approaches, and it never takes as long as I imagine to get organized. Plus, I usually find things I didn’t remember I had, therefore eliminating the purchase of duplicate items by accident.

Over the next two weeks, even though the kids are out of school and holiday shopping is coming down to the wire, take just 15 minutes out of your day to try one of these ideas for de-cluttering your life and mind.

  • Log into your email and unsubscribe to any blogs, RSS feeds, email loops, or advertisement notices you never read.
  • Every time you leave a room, pick up one thing that doesn’t belong in the room and put it in its proper place.
  • File and/or shred the huge stack of mail by the front door, on the kitchen counter, or piled up on the desk in your office.
  • Pick through your bathroom cabinet and toss out any cosmetics or toiletries that have passed their expiration date.
  • Tear out your favorite ideas from all those magazines stacked on your coffee table and store them in a folder in your desk drawer or file cabinet. Better yet, eliminate the need for magazines to provide you ideas altogether and sign up for Pinterest. Not sure what that is? Click here. 
  • Match all the socks in your sock drawer and throw away any socks without a mate or recycle them into sock puppets for the kids or dust rags for cleaning up around the house.
  • Use an over-the-door shoe organizer to keep all the cords from your tech devices in one place.
  • De-clutter your social media by unfollowing anyone on Twitter whose info doesn’t add value to your life or who annoys you by posting too often.
  • Unsubscribe to feeds in your Facebook timeline without unfriending/unliking the person or corporation. Just because you’re friends with someone or like their product doesn’t mean you have to be inundated with every post they make.

Now I want to hear from you. What’s the best organization strategy you’ve utilized for de-cluttering either your stuff or your mind?


2 thoughts on “15 Minutes to a More Organized Life

  1. tknopp09 says:

    Good stuff. I like your ideas about getting rid of unneeded and/or unwanted info on social media. I hate all the unnecessary time-wasters that always pop up in my inbox or on my Facebook page.

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