Gratitude’s an Attitude

I’m not sure if it’s this time of year or because I’m becoming more aware of how blessed I truly am, but this year I want to shift Thanksgiving in my mind from a four-day weekend to a lifestyle.

Sometimes I lie in bed at night, when my husband’s asleep, and listen to the sounds of our house. The air being forced through the vent to heat the house. The hum of the dryer as is fluffs and de-wrinkles our wet clothes. The whir of the dishwasher as fresh, hot water rids our plates and cups of every trace of leftover food stains.

I shift in the bed and pull the heavy comforter up around my neck, but wiggle out of my thick socks because my feet are too hot. Listening to our neighbor’s dog, Jack, bark at cars that pass by our house, I feel safe because he’s on “duty” throughout the night.

The next morning I seem to forget all these simple, yet wonderful gifts I’ve been blessed with, even as I climb into the steaming shower and fill the room with the smell of fragrant lather.

I don’t want my gratitude to be found only in the still and quiet anymore. I want to learn to express it even in the most irritating circumstances. When I’m running late and stuck in slow traffic, I want to feel thankful I have transportation. When I order sweet tea at a restaurant, I want to remember that I have access to the clean water in which it was brewed. When I read my Bible, I want to be dumbstruck by the fact that I have not only access to this controversial book, but also the ability to read it in a country where freedom of religion is a right.

If you want to embrace this lifestyle of gratitude with me, leave a comment below and tell me how you plan to stay in a grateful state of mind after the holiday.

Happy Thanks-living!


3 thoughts on “Gratitude’s an Attitude

  1. Lynn Blackburn says:

    Great post! And so beautifully written. I’ve recently started writing down the things I’m thankful for. It’s been a wonderful way to help me remember to choose gratitude over grumbling!

  2. Mandy Freeland says:

    Knowing that my love language is gifts I LOVE shopping for others by adopting families who have less and going nuts-reminding myself of all the times I’ve ‘splurged’ and bought something that only satisfied myself. And getting excited for the day I get to teach my toddler how to give and then taking them to pick out presents for a child with less.


  3. Ellen Andersen (@evandersen) says:

    What a great reminder of all the simple, oft forgot blessings in our lives. We need to take a step back, look around, and recognize all the gifts God gives us rather than taking them for granted. Thanks for pointing it out especially during this busy season when our many activities demand our time and energy.

    Pausing long enough to see God’s blessings on our lives will produce a better attitude as we go about our days.

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