Going Organic part 3: Beating the System

We all know organic products are notoriously overpriced compared to their less nutritional and more chemically-laden counterparts. And Sunday coupon inserts don’t exactly encourage the purchase of healthy brands like Kashi or Food For Life (Ezekiel 4:9) either. However, there are ways to find savings for the organic brands you prefer, without spending hours searching the internet or driving all over creation.


1.  Go to the Source: Brands like Back to Nature, Kashi, Cascadian Farms, and Stoneyfield Organics do offer coupons on their websites, so start there and sign up to receive special offers in your email. If you’re worried about being contacted too often by the company, create a “decoy” email address to receive all your coupons in one spot. The only drawback  to this tactic is that most sites limit the amount of coupons you can print, but many will send you new offers each month.


2.  Earn your keep: Sites like recyclebank.com are a great place to find coupons for organic items. Spend a lazy Sunday afternoon learning more about creating a “green” kitchen or how to recycle cat food cans and earn points you can redeem for big discounts on natural brands like Aveeno.


3. Querying the company: Have an organic product you can’t live without? If the brand’s website doesn’t offer coupons, send the company a comment through their Contact Us form or email them directly if possible and tell them how much you love their product. Explain you would like to continue purchasing said product for years to come, but you’d prefer to offset your weekly/monthly cost of their wonderful, fabulous, amazing product (flattery will get you everywhere with the advertising dept.) by receiving some coupons from them. If applicable, offer to write a review of the product in return for a discount. I tried this with Food for Life, maker of, among other things, Ezekiel Bread (a live grain, gluten-free product). We go through at least one loaf a week, which could become expensive over time, but just two weeks after contacting the company, four coupons and a letter explaining that I could request new coupons each month jumped from the mailbox into my thrifty little hands.


4. No discounts on your organic beauty buy? Alternate with a DIY!: The best thing about organic beauty products is they usually have very few ingredients and the effects of many of their concoctions could easily be achieved using a few items from the kitchen instead.  Cucumbers are great for de-puffing the eyes. Mix sugar and honey together for a quick exfoliator. More ideas here…



The bottom line is that your budget doesn’t have to interfere with the creation of an au naturale lifestyle, if you take advantage of your own ingenuity and the resources at your disposal.


5 thoughts on “Going Organic part 3: Beating the System

  1. greenishmonkeys says:

    Those are great ideas– I’m definitely bookmarking this (I especially like #4… I feel a challenge coming on… 😉
    Stonyfield also has a thing going on right now where if you enter the code on top of the package, you earn “points” which you can redeem for coupons for free items, from them and also from several other companies. We eat a ton of yogurt and have “earned” at least 5 free tubs of yogurt, plus a chocolate bar from Green and Black.

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