Going Organic part 2: Natural Beauty

What you put on your body can sometimes be just as important as what you put in it, so if you’ve made the decision to go completely organic, you may notice a spike in your beauty budget as well. Good old-fashioned commonsense comes in handy when it’s time to natural-ize your makeup bag, so check out some of the reasonably priced products from #Alba Botanica, #Burt’s Bees, or the #Yes to (tomatoes, blueberries, carrots, cucumbers) brand, available at Wal-mart or Target. Compare prices for in-store vs. online merchandise as sometimes things are cheaper online. Also, check places like TJ Maxx, Ross, or other surplus stores for organic brands. I recently found a bottle of RenPure organic volumizing shampoo for $3.25 at a local surplus store, a brand typically running around eight bucks at CVS.  (Side note: A portion of the profits made from the Yes to brands goes to support sustainable agriculture, so good for you and good for others.)

Bargain Beauty Buy

You can temper your zeal for wanting everything to be organic by doing some research to see if things like propylene glycol, normally found in automotive fluids, can hurt you if applied to the skin or hair. Everything I’ve read leans toward it only being detrimental if ingested, so in most cases, it’s okay if you buy the Suave Naturals brand to save a little money as long as your beauty buy won’t prove to be harmful to your well-being. Start reading labels like you do nutrition facts at the grocery store. Many non-organic brands are still paraben-free or at least offer products that are more natural than their regular formula. #Aveeno is one brand that comes to mind.


Much like organic groceries, there are lots of ways to avoid paying an exorbitant amount on products that are 100% natural. Check back in Friday for my top tips for saving some green on your organic food and beauty necessities. Share in the comments section your favorite inexpensive and organic beauty products or email them to me at thebudgetmaven@gmail.com.


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