Decorating on a Dime

Sometimes you just get tired of looking at the same picture hanging on the wall day after day, so spice things up a little (inexpensively) by creating your own unique piece of art. Drop by your local art supply store and pick up a small, blank canvas and a few tubes of your favorite colored paint and go to town. No artistic talent required, just use sponges, brushes, old bits of leather, whatever you can find to give the colors some texture or even just squirt colors in random areas on the canvas and use a paint brush to blend them together, creating a one of a kind design. These hand-crafted works of art make great inexpensive gifts as well. Have your children make handprint “pictures” for the grandparents or create something unique for a special occasion. I created the Jeep logo on the canvas below for my husband’s birthday this year and splattered brown paint (mud) in random patterns to capture the atmosphere of off-roading, one of his favorite hobbies. It was a hit!


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