This bud’s for you!

Want to impress your significant other without breaking the bank? Check your local grocery store at the beginning of the week for fresh flowers that have passed their expiration date. Many of the bouquets look as great as when they were originally delivered, but because they’ve passed their date, the grocery store will give them away for free. Check the end of the register area or ask a cashier for help to locate these cost-free arrangements. If the flowers you choose appear slightly droopy, make your budget bouquet look a little perkier by putting some bleach or soda into the water. What’s that saying…A rose by any other price…smells just the same, but now you have ten bucks to spend on dinner? Something like that. 😉


One thought on “This bud’s for you!

  1. Rayme Wells of A Clean Surface says:

    I banned my husband from buying flowers early in our marriage. I used to work at a florist shop and I love flowers, but the cost is too much for a disposable item. As an alternative, we planted rose bushes around the house. Because of the climate in the area, I had fresh roses nearly year round! We moved recently, and I really miss my 13 rose bushes.

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