The Grocery Game

Several people have asked me how I manage to spend only $50 a week in groceries a week, so I thought I’d share a rundown of my trip to the grocery store yesterday. This week, in efforts to eat healthier and save money, we’re trying to eat all our meals at home, so I increased the grocery budget by $10. Our list always includes items for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Most of the time, I just make a list of our weekly staples and then I struggle trying to come up with meals during the week, so I end up at the grocery several times a week. This week, I decided to create a menu first and see if I could find recipes that have overlapping ingredients. My mom subscribes to Kraft Food and Family, so I borrowed a few copies of that, mainly because their dishes are usually simple and only have a handful of ingredients. Here’s what’s on the menu for dinner this week:

Monday: Spinach Tortellini w/ garlic toast

Tuesday: Cashew Broccoli Chicken w/rice

Wednesday: Grilled Chicken Taco Salad

Thursday: Easy Baked Cheese & Veggie Twist

Friday: BBQ Chicken Salad

Many of the recipes I chose specifically because they included items we already had in the house. I also tried to find a variety of dishes because my husband enjoys interesting cuisine. Below was the list this week, along with the final total from Aldi and Walmart. The best part about the entire trip is that I only had to grocery shop one day and we have everything we need for the week.


Honey wheat bread, croutons, tostadas, cheddar rice cakes, grape tomatoes, mushrooms, whole wheat crackers, italian bread, deli sliced turkey, strawberries, 2 cans of crescent rolls, jelly, lite french dressing, red delicious apples, minced garlic, 2 cartons of OJ = 30.17


bananas, an avacodo, two pouches of Starkist tuna, spring mix, Kashi Go Lean cereal, Peter Pan Peanut Butter (coupon -.60), soy sauce, Planters cashews & halves (same price as generic brand this time), 1 Dannon Greek yogurt (coupon -.30) = 19.88.

Grand Total: $50.05

The only thing I couldn’t get yesterday was Perdue chicken and just 1 onion, so I can stop by Food Lion today on my way back from running errands and pick those up for $10 or less.

Because we’re so busy during the weekends, we usually either just pack some sandwiches for the road or grab something cheap out, using our entertainment fund.


One thought on “The Grocery Game

  1. Laura says:

    I think I for real need you to come over and sit down with me and show me how to be successful. I feel that I am slacking here lately with the grocery shopping and need help. I think my biggest problem is not planning meals ahead of time.

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