Keeping the goal in mind…

Let’s be honest, budgeting can become a little tiresome sometimes and if you don’t keep yourself properly motivated, you can start to feel resentful. My husband and I both experienced this kind of budget burnout this weekend. While I headed back to the local outlet stores with some girlfriends, he headed out to check out a car his buddy had just purchased at a steal. The girls and I had a blast, but it seemed like everything I wanted was way out of budget and I just couldn’t bring myself to spend that much on clothes. I kept pep talking myself as we went from store to store. “One of these days, when you’re more financially secure, and you’re not worried about money all the time, you’ll appreciate the fact that you didn’t buy something you weren’t really interested in just to have something new.” I’ll admit it though, it’s hard to go shopping with other people and not buy anything. It’s just so darn fun to check out each other purchases and ooh and ahh over stylish deals. I did end up buying two bottles of soap from Bath and Body Works for a whopping total of four dollars. Not really a luxury item, but we needed it nonetheless.

After my fun, yet unsuccessful, shopping trip, I went with my husband to his friend’s house to look at the car. To say it’s a fixer upper would be a huge understatement, but the hubby felt confident that he could get it back to tip-top shape. He decides to sell his current recreational vehicle, a Jeep,which he made custom for trail-riding. I told him as long as we broke even on the sell of the Jeep and purchase of the project car, I was fine, but we talked again about our current financial status and our desire to purchase some rental property in the next year or so and he simmered over that info for a couple of days. He told me yesterday that he’d thought about it and he didn’t think he’d get enough out of the Jeep to be able to make much of the other car. Although I know he’s been itching for a car he could turn into a speed machine, he said he rather us be in a better situation before we started spending money on a recreational vehicle. I really appreciate that fact that he could look past his own “wants” to remember the big picture and our mutual goals for the future.

To make matters worse, it seems like everyone around us is purchasing a house. I’m happy for them, but deep down I feel like we’ll never be in that place and we’ll have to rent forever. Then I’m reminded that there’s a reason we’re waiting to build or buy a house. We’d like to be able to be less dependent on paychecks, that could easily disappear, and more reliant on wise investments we’ve hopefully made in rental property and other ventures. While I realize that this will not be an easy thing to do when everyone our age is living in beautiful homes and we’re still in a duplex ten years from now, I’m hopeful that if we keep our focus on the benefits of simple living with a big return in the future, we will find ourselves more secure in our finances later on. Until then, I’m guess I’m going to have to pretend I’m French and that I like living in small places. 🙂 Au revoir until next time!

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